Missing children in America?

Is it true that 1.5 million children go missing in America each year, and that half are never found or acknowledged? I've heard this. Surely it couldn't be true though?Does anyone who lives in America actually know of people this has happened to?

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    It is true. However. So many are runaways, taking by parents or an amber alert is out for a few hrs. (Don't get me wrong amber alert is a wonderful thing, wheather a child is missing 5 minutes to days etc.) But then you have kids that have been kiddnapped by unknown people. So if you add them all up yes 1.5 million go missing each year in americia.

    Check out my blog on missing children as there are also childen from canada on it. I made this blog about missing children to help find them. I feel the more times a person runs by a missing childs picture they are more likely to remember them.

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    I don't know exact numbers but it is a lot. I think 1.5 million is extreme. A lot of the stories I have heard are teenage girls running away from home because they think their parents are too strict. Eventually they are found in a different state and sometimes it's years later. I know there was two girls from the town I live in that were abducted, taken to the mountains, raped and murdered about 5 years ago. The scary part about this is they still haven't found the person that did this. I don't know anyone personally that this has happened to, but I do hear the stories on the news a lot.

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    This is the missing children reporting center. Its astounding and sad. You can also go to the FBI missing persons site.

    Average missing children are: 2,100 per DAY!!! in the USA.

    "The FBI estimates that 85% - 90% of missing persons are juveniles. Thus, in approximately 750,000 cases (or 2,100 per day) the disappearance of a child was serious enough that a parent called the police, the police took a report, and the police entered that report into NCIC."

    Yes, the number of missing children, juveniles in the US are very high - averaging over 800,000.

    Some are recovered but many more are not and remain missing. If we account for runaways, accidents, and other explanations, there still remain an extremely large number of unrecovered and unexplained.

    One controversial theory is attributed to malevolent UFO aliens that reside below the surface of the Earth. They are carnivores with an appetite for children.

    (look up Alex Collier)

    Many however are more likely subject to sexual deviants but still unaccount for those who remain missing without a trace for decades. So yes, there is something terribly wrong and you should research this topic more indepth, keep an open mind, anything is possible.

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    This statistic has some fine print to it, part of which is that "missing" can mean that one parent has taken off with the chldren - and each of those children count (so if a dad takes off with three kids, that's 3 missing children). So it may be that it's known who they're with, and sometimes even where they are, but if they don't go back home for whatever reason, then they're still counted as "missing" by the people who put these stats out.

    Take all statistics with a grain of salt - it's every easy to "report the truth" but work the numbers so they prove a point or get people riled. (example: my grandmother-in-law died at age 103, but because she smoked earlier in her life, she went into the smoking death statistics. As if she would have lived indefinitely had she not smoked. As if people don't just wear out after a while)

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    a lot of these kids are kidnapped and sold into or housed by child rapists and pedophiles. it is the true moral shame and disgrace of our nation that no one bothers to even look for these children after a while and when they do turn up years later, it is often blocks or a few miles from where they were abducted.

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    Thats amazing. Over here in the UK, when even one child goes missing, the whole country knows about it, and its across the newspapers for the next 6 months.

    1.5 million? Thats appauling.

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    i not a yank but these figures are right,it same here.ya proberly heard of the high profile case going on here the mccans,my heart bleeds for them.they started fund for missing kids and boy has there alot of parents needing help

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    Yes, it's true, as well as, around the world. Children disappear walking to school, or walking to friend's houses....

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    Yes this is pretty true. And yes I know of a child that was abducted and never seen again. It's scary.

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    i don't think it is that high. try and backing that up with some facts.

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