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Paul Williams vs Carlos Quintana, who will win?

i'm in a fantasy league on and need to make a prediction on this fight before Feb 9th.

I have an undefeated predictions record so far and want to keep it intact :) Let me know your thoughts! thanks

Here is more on the fight:

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    P-Dub takes this, but not because he's this amazing boxer. He's good, even very good, but when you discuss elite welterweights, he's one of the last names you mention. He just stays amazingly busy with those freakishly long arms. Quintana doesn't present anything Williams hasn't seen in Margarito. If Quintana wants a chance, he's going to have to eat some leather and risk some early rounds in order to get in and bang the body, and HARD. Tire Williams out early and try to put him down. If he doesn't do this probably within the first four rounds, Williams will pick up the decision. If he DOES... well, maybe Quintana will have a chance. P-Dub by UD.

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    This should be a pretty close fight. Power fairly equal. Chins in Williams favor. Williams doesn't punch as hard as Cotto so that should keep Quintana in the fight. I have Williams taking a close and controversial decision.

    I would like to add that if Williams boxes Quintana this fight is no contest. Williams has a 10 inch reach advantage. Williams would win easily. If he trades with Quintana the above applies.

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    Williams wins this with relative ease. He has to much length, and throws more punches per round than Quintana can handle. Williams does fall victim to tiring down in the later rounds. If Quintana stands any chance, he would have to try to outlast Williams and earn big points in the later rounds of the fight. Williams does not have great power behind his punches, so I see him only winning by decision. But Carlos's only chance is a knockout in the later rounds.

  • Definitely Paul Williams. If you saw the Williams vs Margarito fight, he completely dominated that fight. He threw over 100 punches a round and was really successful against someone who is considered a top guy in the division.

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    This is an easy fight for Williams . He towers over all his foes like a 2nd coming of Tommy Hearns, easy knock out in 5 rounds.

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    margarito is tough as nails and he beat him. williams should win this one easier

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    paul williams


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