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How do I sort the Stocks in The DJIA by Price?

When I go to the list of stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average at YAHOO! Finance, the list is alphbetical by ticker symbol.

I want to make my own version based on share price.

I want the most expensive share at the top and the least expensive share at the bottom.

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    At the end of this page

    is given the link Download to Spreadsheet. This will download a file quotes.csv. Open the file with Excel and sort the data using the second column. Here is the result.

    INTC 20.69

    PFE 23.10

    GM 27.46

    C 27.8799

    HD 29.38

    DIS 29.41

    MSFT 32.2

    AA 32.7

    GE 34.9358

    T 37.35

    VZ 38.24

    HPQ 43.54

    DD 44.56

    MRK 46.69

    AXP 47.34

    JPM 47.35

    WMT 49.16

    MCD 51.01

    AIG 54.37

    KO 57.77

    HON 58.163

    JNJ 62.1799

    PG 65.09

    CAT 68.44

    UTX 72.75

    MO 76.503

    MMM 78.22

    BA 82.8699

    XOM 85.28

    IBM 105.65

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