How to leaglly own a Nissan Skyline in ohio?

How would i go about to own a good but cheap legal Nissan Skyline in ohio. Money's tight

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  • tricky
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    1 decade ago
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    These guys have a good name for themselves from US owners.


    Have some US titled ones in often

    Failing finding one on there or ebay.Dont forget to look at GTS-T versions as well as the GTR as there are more common to find and a lot cheaper but still have a turbo and are RWD.

    Also try import car mags and forums for people selling one,i knew someone was selling an R32 US titled one a while ago in Cali .

    If worst comes to worst and you think about importing one i have added a few helpful links sourced by myself and from US skyline owners whom sent me them.

    One thing to be wary in your state is it differs about the ownership about owning a Skyline and there models,IE emissions may need sorting out,the R32 needs a stronger bar adding between the rear passengers and the fuel tank.

    some states not all require the car to be LHD and some states,do not allow the car at all.So your best contacting your local Transport office or the cop shop,before you part with your cash.

    US insurance company which insures other Skyline owners.

    New US skyline forum

  • 1 decade ago

    well before motorex, the only importer that was dot certified in the US, got shutdown, there were quite a few (forget how many but i think it was 8-15) that were stolen, along with engines and other parts, that already were street legal from them... i saw an r32 forsale with the ignition torn out a few months back in orange county... it of course had a salvaged title, but was i believe under $20k... but anyways, i know dot made it only r33 legal at one point, but i dont know what happened if you already owned an r32 or r34... dont know if it could be transfered either... i know a few months before motorex got shutdown, i heard there were about 100 r32-r34 on the road that were registered at dmvs... however i have read on forums there are 70-90 registered and about 60 of them are in california...

    now if you are using for track, you can buy one from ebay(most come in from canada), or go to japan and pick one up and ship it over... last time i was there, a gtr r32 usually went for around $3500-$6000... i saw two gtr (not gts) r32 side by side sitting on their disc breaks... it made me teary eyed... but if you did this, i read it was possible to make it street legal if you get a letter from nissan saying it meets saftey requirements because its compareable, especially in structure, to one of their other vehicles and it has to be approved by dot... because motorex imported them and financed crash testing and what not, i assume nissan cannot use that basis, but needs to provide its own proof... also you would need to swap out some parts... but i have not heard of anyone going this route... so essentially you have a better chance of winning the lotto 3 times in a row going that route...

    so that being said, the only chance at a "cheap" skyline, meaning under $20k for a early 90s car, is that its one of the stolen ones that already has been documented by the dot, has been recovered with body intact (because if its salvaged title, and theft recovery is usually salvaged title, it has to pass inspection), and in ohio (considering 67% or more of all registered skyline gtrs are in cali), im pretty sure it would be sold before anyone knew it exsisted... so if you dont know people with those type of connections, i dont think its possible

    Source(s): i work a block away where motorex once was, and i had a friend who knew hiro... also been to japan to visit relatives a couple of years ago
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    they are many shops that offer nissan skyline engines swapped on regular cars. I believe is legal

    and they are around 10k?

    u should check around in auto performance shops

  • toso13
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    1 decade ago

    Buy a model kit. Maybe $10...

    Seriously. Why even bother asking this question. You can't get one cheap and legal. If money is tight, buy something else or save up.

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  • Mooky
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    1 decade ago

    The new GT-R will be out soon, legally, for the first time in the USA. It's already out in Japan, but will be here very soon. It's an amazing car, with performance and handling that out-performs $200,000 - $400,000 sports cars.

  • 1 decade ago

    did you ever find a skyline ?

  • 1 decade ago

    find one that is wrecked and fix it up becuase running ones are gonna cost a bit of money

  • rak
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    1 decade ago

    swap engines or buy the new one coming out its around $70K i would rather get a porshe but what ever you want you want

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