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If the election were held today between Obama and McCain, who would you vote for?

If you were forced to choose between Barak Obama and John McCain today, who would you vote for? No third party voting in my fake election please.

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    Obama; funny how his competition all bring up him not putting his hand over his heart to do the Pledge of Allegiance and not wearing a stupid little flag pin but I'd rather have some pay homage to the ideals that the flag represents than to do homage to the bit of cloth or little bit that is an actual flag or flag pin.

    We've lost a lot of our liberties in the supposed fight against terrorism. I would hope our new President can quit feeding people's fake fears and stick to facts. Let's quit trampling on everyone's Constitutional rights!

  • Susan
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    Obama is Chavez with opposition. That being said Hugo Chavez is a scumbag dictator who will never give up his power or stranglehold on Venezuela or it's people. Chavez is destroying his country and stealing it's resources. Oh and he stole Cargill from us last week and Obama did nothing about it.

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    McCain, obviously. Apparently we have proof he loves his country through his service during the Vietnam war, and his suffering in our stead.

    All that surrounds Obama is suspicion of his values. Why did he not put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem, or even face the flag? Is he really a Christian as he claims, only having been in a Catholic school for two years, when the rest of his education was in Muslim schools, and both his father, and step-father were radical Muslims? Why has he always voted party-line, and never legislated personally? MCCAIN, MCCAIN, MCCAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!! All the way!

    Source(s): Common sense, nothing more.
  • hmm
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    that ones easy, it would be the true blooded American John McCain and not Obama who's alliance is with an other country

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  • I would vote for Obama, and I'm a republican. I really don't like McCain he is the ultimate flip flopper, back and forth on many things even questioning the 2nd amendment, now he is all for it and the tax cuts and so on. Just seems really unstable to me.

  • ak6702
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    Logic says McCain.

  • Toots
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    This may be exactly who we have to decide about in the real election...My final decision would have to hinge on the running mate...THEN I could make a decision...

    but on merits alone...McCain...

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    McCain without hesitation. Democrats lost my support after Bill. They want my vote nominate a leader. I tired of their weak offerings like Kerry and Gore.

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    neither I would swing my vote or not vote at all.. If you like the idea of amnesty then vote McCain If you want to see more race wars then vote Obama he is an Al and Jesse fan and share religious beliefs..

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