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Is Smoking weed worse then smoking cigerettes?

Im not sure if smoking weed is worse then smoking cigerettes. Some people say smoking cigerettes are worse becuase they have more chemicals, but other people say smoking weed is worse. What do you think is worse and why?

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    I think it is so funny that this is even asked. And even funnier the answers that are being given. In no way should marijuana be labeled as worse than any cigarettes. While marijuana has more chemicals, none are actually put there by people, all natural. But the important thing to remember is that marijuana has a tumor/cancer fighting compound called THC, which also makes you feel great. Take a smoker of 20 years, one of pot, and one of cigarettes. Compare their health. Cigarettes cause more cancer than almost anything, not a single death can be blammed on the health effects of marijuana. And while tons of people are saying that your memory will be shot, marijuana use only affects short term memory while being used, or if used for many many years of heavy smoking. Cigarettes cause cancer, pot doesnt. Cigarettes brown your teeth, pot doesnt. Cigarettes are only used for smoking, pot is used for medicinal reasons, it may also be used as a source of omega-3 fat (good hard to find stuff), it can be eaten to avoid all negative effects on the lungs, vaporized to avoid all negative effects on the lungs. Anytime you inhale smoke, you are losing oxygen, which equals losing brain cells, come on. Tobacco is no diffferent in that sense. The only reason people believe marijuana is worse is because its illegal, and the reason it is illegal is extremely dumb and racist (check out the history of marijuana legislation in america). Cigarettes are worse, pot is faaaaaaantastic. PS. its been proven with proper brain stimulation and brain exercise you CAN rebuild brain cells.

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    I'd say cigarettes are worse also:

    1. Nasty chemicals in there

    2. they're addictive!

    yeah, marijuana can be addictive too, but only in the way food or sex or gambling, etc. can be addictive--you really like it so you tend to crave it psychologically. cigarettes are physically addictive which is why you experience withdrawal symptoms when you quit; much harder habit to break. plus, you end up smoking much less weed than you do cigarettes because of this; it's much easier to moderate your consumption.

    I've never heard that marijuana kills brain cells other than in unsubstantiated alarmist literature.

    It's definitely not good for you to inhale smoke into your lungs, though. Marijuana does contain a lot more tar and other natural chemicals than cigarettes that are harmful. There are devices you can buy that will vaporize the THC in marijuana without "burning" the rest of the plant, so you get all the benefits without the nasty smoke inhalation--look into it if you're interested.

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    Hello...Smoking in general has it's affect on your teeth...The nicotine in tobacco has a more dramatic affect visually as far as color is concerned as it stains the teeth very easily...Pot on the other hand doesn't stain as rapidly but over time can create a problem in two way's, first at some point in time you risk loosing an interest in proper dental hygiene... why waste time brushing when you could be smoking pot..a lot more fun than brushing...then their is the problem of eventually trying other recreational drugs...I have had many parents bring children to my office to see what can be done about their kids bad teeth and they all but go ballistic when I tell then the tooth problem is drug related...At any rate, pot shouldn't stain like tobacco...Good luck and I wish you well.

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    I think cigarettes are way worse.

    First of all you pay tax ! - hello government, bye bye money!

    Second, they are filled with horrible HORIBLE chemicals including Rat Poison and Formaldehyde and Cyanide and Carbon Monoxide !!! - eek!

    Ye sometimes weed 'could' have chemicals as well...but not for sure. Ciggies FOR SURE have chems. And the people who smoke weed WANT to get high anyways.....

    With cigarettes you cannot avoid evil Chemicals!!!!!

    They should be illegal, not weed !!

    Sooooooo many people die from cigarettes and there is not ONE documented death from weed.

    I smoke weed a lot....... never smoke cigarettes

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    NO! Smoking cigarettes can give you cancer and kill you, there have never been any cases of anyone dying from smoking weed. It can kill brain cells but cigarettes can kill your lungs and make you cough all the time and ruin your voice and can give you cancer. I've heard of many people dying from cigarettes but not once have I heard someone dying from smoking weed.

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    naaah...weed is best...while i was up for my engineering degree..all 4 years i smoke weed and hash for all the day..sometime cig. but joints, bong carry on with us all day..and the most important its not addictive ...even now some time some weed...but through out the starting of weed to today ,if i dont smoke its not any problem ..i smoke whenever it available and no stress or panic if i dont.....weed keeps you calm...go green folks..

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    smoking is bad either way you look at it as far a weed guess what my son in law didn't smoke cigarette's but he was an avid pot smoker he died at age 42 of LUNG cancer so you tell me cigarettes are worse well i will argue the point of that i think if you smoke any thing it will harm your body think about it be it pot or cigarette's are you not inhaling it into your lung's.

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    I actually asked my doctor about this, and he said that smoke is smoke any way that you look at it. But as far as the chemicals, weed is safer. It doesn't have anything added to it. It's all natural. It also has good medical uses.

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    i've also heard smoking ciggz are worse. it kinda depends how many times u smoke weed. cuz u can get hooked n f**k ya head up. it makes u loos memory too. were ciggs f**ks up ya nail ya lungs n u smell bad. i wouldnt do n e but if i Had to choose i would say ciggz.


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    I think they are about the same, if not, weed is worse. Weed kills MANY brain cells, alters ur thinking, the list goes on. Cigs are just as bad becuase of the chemicals, but they DONT kill ur brain cells. I wouldnt do either one. They mess with your lungs... ugh, my lungs hurt just thinking about smoking again lol

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