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1. Which of the following sentences contains an italicized word that's used as a predicate adjective?

A. Jerry looks INTO the microscope.

B. Jerry looks DISDAINFULLY at the pile of laundry.

C. Jerry looks ILL today.

D. Jerry looks AT the map.

2. Choose the simple predicate in the following sentence.

The men finished the game in a short time.

A. game

B. men

C. time

D. finished

3. Which one of the following sentences contains an incorrect usage of the singular possessive?

A. The alpha male is often the pack's leader.

B. Icarus's fate was sealed when he approached the sun.

C. Mary was dominant among Jesus' disciples.

D. The north forty has always been my family's land.

4. In which one of the following sentences would the word cheerful correctly complete the statement?

A. Gladys looked _______ when she heard the encouraging news.

B. Carolyn talked _______ about her experience.

C. Jonathan participated _______ in the holiday parade.

D. George laughed _______ when his wife teased him.

5. Which synonym of the word look would be most effective in the following sentence?

Detective Flint leaned forward with narrowed eyes to _______ what appeared to be a vital clue.

A. ogle

B. scrutinize

C. survey

D. view

6. Which sentence below contains a correctly used modifier in italics?

A. Joe looked sad at his broken bike.

B. The sauce tasted bitterly, and I couldn't swallow it.

C. I feel goodly now that I'm over the flu.

D. He spoke sharply to his sister.

7. Select the sentence in which the verb correctly agrees with the subject.

A. Not only the muffler but also the spark plugs need to be replaced.

B. A copy of Moby Dick and several magazines has disappeared from my room.

C. Les and Miranda is late for work today.

D. Peggy and Phyllis drives me to Florida every winter.

8. Choose the sentence below in which of is used correctly.

A. The boys surrendered, but they should of fought.

B. The bird flew north of the beach.

C. The three girls might of broken the records.

D. We should of left early.

9. Which one of the following pairs of words consists of antonyms?

A. near—close

B. true—false

C. calm—quiet

D. like—love

10. Which one of the following word or words is an example of a correlative conjunction?

A. Because

B. Either . . . or

C. And

D. Since

11. Choose the sentence in which the italicized pronoun agrees in number with its italicized antecedent or antecedents.

A. Mary and Jill won't eat her vegetables.

B. The waiter refilled their glasses as they emptied it.

C. The boys want their dessert now.

D. Maureen called the children for his meal.

12. Which one of the following words is an antonym of joyful?

A. Morose

B. Garrulous

C. Agitated

D. Passive

13. In which of the following sentences is the word its used correctly?

A. The problem with the lawn mower is that its old.

B. When trying to catch fish, its important to be patient.

C. The monster reared its head at the tourists.

D. Its easy to learn to play the guitar, if you're willing to practice.

14. Which of the following italicized words is correctly capitalized?

A. The most beautiful State is Hawaii.

B. Mount mckinley is the tallest mountain in North America.

C. Marsha speaks excellent german.

D. Jim must drive to the North to study the northern lights.

15. Which one of the following sentences contains an error in its verb?

A. Not only the players but also coach Jarvis was late for practice.

B. Neither bananas nor squash was for sale.

C. Either footnotes or endnotes are acceptable.

D. Both Clara and Nathan is planning to attend.

16. Choose the simple subject in the following sentence.

The tallest contestant won the prize.

A. tallest

B. contestant

C. prize

D. won

17. Which of the following is a correctly written compound word?

A. Self-evident

B. Thirty one

C. Spur of the moment-decision

D. Quickly-running

18. Which one of the following is a correct example of the plural possessive case?

A. stone's throw

B. it's place

C. woman's plans

D. men's plans

19. Which one of the following is a correct example of the singular possessive case?

A. king's rights

B. women's club

C. who's job

D. audiences' reaction

20. In which sentence are the conjunctions used correctly?

A. Either Fred nor John knew about the accident.

B. Mary enjoyed neither roller skating or ice skating.

C. Neither beauty nor popularity was considered in the contest.

D. The top award was given to neither Steve or Jim.

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    This is not really as stupid a comment as I want to make, so I will ask a question...IS THIS YOUR HOMEWORK?

    OK, so I am back again :/

    1 modifies or describes the verb or pred - looks

    2 Break the sentence down to most obvious sub and verb... The men finished...what would be the simple verb or pred? answer this if you can to see if you are on right me the answer

    3 The answer would be B for the same reason that C is correct! If the word ends in s, the possessive ' follows the s and no further s is added.? Got it?

    4 I think the answer might be C but at this point I can't tell you why

    5 Syn of look in this case would be scrutinize (to pick apart as in study) A intimates as a man would improperly look at or "ogle" a cute girl to "survey" or "view" intimates as to look over a wide space such as a valley

    Is any of this making sense? I will send you more if you wish?

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    1.C - it's the only adjective

    2. game- it's what was finished

    3.b. you don't need the extra s

    4.a. All the others need adverbs (ending in -ly)

    5.b. cos it means to study closely.

    6.d. cos it's the only correct sentence.

    7.a. it's the only one that doesn't use a plural verb.

    8.b. All the others should use "have"

    9.b. All the rest are synonyms

    10. Sorry. Never heard of one.

    11.c. It needs the plural pronoun

    12. morose

    13. C. it's the possessive form.

    14. A .all the others have capitals missing.

    15.D. Both needs a plural verb.

    16. B Contestant. Verb -won. Who won?

    17. A. Self evident.

    18. D. Men's plans - the plans of men.

    19.A. king's rights - the rights of the king.

    20. C. Neither...nor.

    Hope this helps

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    19 is D

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    Antonym Of Garrulous

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    6 has no italics-so no answer





    There is the first 10, happy 50%!!

    and by the time you typed all of that couldn't you have did your homework?

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