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Scammed on ebay?

Hi, about 3 weeks ago I purchased an xbox from ebay, the price was lower than usuall but it had been an open auction not a buy it now. Was told pickup was not available and that payment had to be through paypal etc. I payed for the item, and the seller said he had posted the item and it should arrive within 2-6 days. The item did not arrive, I emailed the seller about it and he told me aus post said it was at my local post office but its not. I have sent emails asking for the registration number for the registered post with no reply. I even requested contact information from ebay and they gave me the phone number and address. I have tried ringing the phone number 3 times, every time it ends with a answering machine and me leaving a message, haven't heard back from them.

Now my problem is whether to report this to ebay, or to my local police[armed with the phone number?]. Will ebay or the police be able to help me, or will they not even investigate?

Please give me some advice guys. <3

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    Forget all that.

    Contact your credit card company and ask them to reverse the payment because you never received the item you paid for.

    This happens all the time and it may not be the sellers fault. Try the post office again because they often misplace parcels. But you should have received a notifiication from them in the first instance it it were there.

    Parcels to Australia can take much longer to process from the US so be prepared to wait at least a couple of weeks or even a little longer. I've waited a few weeks sometimes.

    Parcels from Ebay to Australia should have a tracking number that can be traced as well.

    Paypal also have an insurance coverage which you may be able to fall back on. But I don't think you've waited long enough yet. Put in a claim with Paypal for items not received now. If you get the parcel in the mean time you can just resolve the claim.

    Ebay and the police can't help you. Don't even waste your time with them. Been there and done that before.

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    Best way is it to make the complaint to paypal. They will credit the exact amount back to you. Same thing happened to me, I bought an item, paid for it, waited like two weeks and it did not arrive so I sent an e-mail to the seller informing him either send me the item or I will make the formal complaint to paypal. When I made the complaint to paypal, they probably investigated it- contacted the seller etc. Eventually I got all my money back!

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    I would start by taking it up with ebay. It is in their best interest to see that incidents like the one you mention are few and far between.

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