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媒介素養(Media Literacy)教育是現今重要的課程之ㄧ,在媒介資訊如此發達的社會中,國中學生面對綜藝節目(Variety Show)品質日益低落的情形下,是否有能力對電視節目內容加以判斷及思考,此為本研究所欲探討之重心,故本研究主要目的在於瞭解國中學生對於電視綜藝節目內容的辨識情形,並針對調查結果提出建議,以供學校安排課程時之參考。本研究依照學校規模及地區房價,先將96學年度台北市立公立國中區分為高、中、低三類社經背景,再從中各抽取四所學校,累計共抽出12所國中共計36班,並針對國中各年級學生共976位進行調查。研究工具則為「台北市國中學生電視素養問卷」。


一、國民中學學生整體電視素養(TV Literacy)程度日趨進步










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    Medium accomplishment (Media Literacy)Education is nowadays important courseㄧ, information so is at medium in developed society, country secondary school student faces synthesis skill program (Variety Show)Quality under is turndown situation increasingly, whether have ability content add with judge and thinking to television program, this for this institute want to inquire into barycenter, therefore this research fundamental purpose consist in know country secondary school student towards television synthesis skill program content's recognition situation, and bring up suggestion direct to finding, as supply school arrangement course time refer. This research according to school magnitude and area house price, learn 96 year Taipei supported by the city male founds a nation in area divide into high first, in, low three kinds society by background, out of each draw out four schools again, add up draw out 12 countries the Communist Party of China count 36 classes total, and each grade student 976 proceed investigation direct to country in total. Research tool act for "Taipei City country secondary school student television accomplishment questionaire ".

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    The medium accomplishment education is the nowadays important

    curriculum1, in medium information so developed society, country

    middle-school students facing synthesis skill program quality day by

    day low situation under, whether some abilities do perform to the

    television program content to judge and the ponder, this wants center

    of gravity of the discussion for this research institute, therefore

    this research main goal lies in the understanding country

    middle-school students to recognize the situation regarding the

    television synthesis skill program content, and aims at the

    investigation result to put forward the proposal, supplies time the

    school arrangement curriculum the reference. This research according

    to the school scale and the local house price, first will study year

    Taibei municipally established male to found a nation the central area

    to divide into high, center, low 三類社 passes through the

    background, then respectively will extract four schools, will be tired

    計共 extracts in the country total the class, �

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