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線上的空服員常常有機會接到半夜的電話,要你兩個小時後飛4、5天的班。如果你平時沒有隨時準備好你的行李,那你就會手忙腳亂。如果已婚又有小孩的人要經常有Back-up Plan,如果臨時被抓飛小孩要如何安排。空服員的福利、薪水都還算不錯,唯一的缺憾是時間上又時不是自己能控制的。所以有彈性的時間是很重要的。







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    可以參考看看唷~ ~

    Sensitive reaction ability:

    The plane is the safest means of transportation, once may cause great injuries and deaths if there is unexpected emergence. Perhaps will have small and unexpected emergence aboard, perhaps need urgent evacuating, emergence of thing in the twinkling of an eye usually, you is it sit in where is it want how make next to want to have no time? All want ability to realize promptly. Security regulations that the family will review steward's hands frequently at ordinary times. Sitting will muse the procedure fleeing for one's life too on the steward's seat, the trends inside and outside the purpose cabin live in at any time. The leader's ability:

    In the situation that is evacuated promptly, stewards must become a leader immediately, efficient leading everybody's safe leaving the plane fast. You can courteous to ask everybody cooperate at this moment, because you usually only 90 seconds evacuate time, conductor that you must take out the daring and resolution and let everybody obey you, if you shrank, the scene will be the security that a confusion, a multitude without a leader influence everybody.

    Cordial attitude:

    We prefer to cost more places where money reaches a bit farther and do shopping sometimes, it is unwilling to be bullied in the grocery next door too. Because a bit farther shop serves quality better. Similarly, the passenger has the choices of many different airlines now, and what they required serves quality. Somebody would rather transform and fly a bit farther, it is unwilling to take the plane with bad attitude too. Cordial attitude is sometimes even more important than the comfort of the food and seat as to passenger!

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    Elastic time controls:

    The on-line steward often has an opportunity to receive the telephone of at midnight, wanting you will the classes of 4, 5 days fly in two hours.

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    If you have not got your luggage ready at any time at ordinary times, then you will be in a frantic rush. If married to have people of child is it have Back-up Plan frequently to want, is it fly to child want how about arrange for to stress temporarily.

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    Welfare, salary of steward fairly good, only shortcoming time whom oneself can be controlled. So flexible time is very important.

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    Good ability to organize:

    Space either the narrow and small path or a little kitchens of space that the empty clothes works. Position that know all things where you must be clear, when to draw out the dining car, put that after drawing out?

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    Will not block to and take the things or hinder and walk by oneself. Because if you are not clear a busy one is in a frantic rush what can oneself is doing, unable to mix with other group members, the ones that will influence the service routine too are smooth.

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    Ability to work for a long time:

    The steward's working time may be as long as 6-14 hours, even reach for 16 hours sometimes. You must need the health of the health in order to adapt to different time difference in the long-time work and all parts.

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    Chinese ability:

    Will to apply for steward the work the more favorable many language. The general airline will require you want the language ability with two kinds or more than two kinds.

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    分7次ㄌ!!!實在太多ㄌ~ ~ ~ ~

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