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Are there any publicly listed timber companies on the NYSE or NASDAQ?

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    Yes there are: Check these out:

    Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. [AERT]

    AmeraMex International Inc. [AMMX.PK]

    American Woodmark Corporation [AMWD]

    Deltic Timber Corporation [DEL]

    Hesperia Holding, Inc. [HSPR.PK]

    Jewett-Cameron Trading Company Ltd. [JCTCF]

    Koppers Holdings Inc. [KOP]

    Leucadia National Corporation [LUK]

    Louisiana-Pacific Corporation [LPX]

    Masco Corporation [MAS]


    MAXXAM Inc. [MXM]

    Patrick Industries, Inc. [PATK]

    Pope & Talbot, Inc. [PTBT.PK]

    Pope Resources, A Delaware Limited Partnership [POPEZ]

    Trex Company, Inc. [TWP]

    Universal Forest Products, Inc. [UFPI]

    West Fraser Timber Co. Ltd. [WFTBF.PK]

    Weyerhaeuser Company [WY]

    All of these companies are publicly traded (and I've included the stock symbols.

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    I am sure there are companies involved in the timber industry, but why not look at a wood ETF. See http://www.shareworld.co.uk for lists of ETFs

    I am trying to write an article on investing in timber for shareworld. Is anyone interested in helping out?

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    Plum Creek Timber (PCL)

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