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Gay Animals?

I just wanted to share. I read this answer:

"animals aren't gay. because we weren't created to be gay, its a perversion, which is why animals never couple up with other animals of the same sex."

And I had this response:

or any google search for gay animals...

What are some takes out there of gay animals? I know my vote in favor of little rainbow collars...but I'm interested to hear the voice of Y!A.

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    It has been scientifically proven that there is an extra or denied chromosome that makes you gay...whether people believe it or not. That would mean that we are created that way.

    I believe it can be the same with animals as well. I figure you are what you and should not be denied what you want regardless if you are a human or a dog.

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    Animals aren't gay they have just a different attitude.

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    nice answer sugargoo.

    I agree

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