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What crucial steps should one take when deciding to study in the UK, AU or NZ whilst living in Canada?


Currently I live in ON, Canada. I'm 21 and haven't begun school yet (one year off from school turned into two, unfortunately.) I'd like to attend a University in my city and study Biology. I have my high school diploma but I don't have the right credits (they were pre-college and I need pre-university credits to get into this school.) As I'm not yet enrolled, would it be a good idea for me to move to, say, Australia or England and begin my studies there if ever I decide to live there longterm? Would you happen to know of any good schools in these two places that offer Biology or, as a second option, Liberal Sciences? Generally, how expensive is the tuition? Can you recommend any good schools? What steps do I take in making my move there? I work a full-time, minimum wage job right now and am saving up for school HERE, but what can I do about money there? Are these kinds of jobs easy to come by? Know any good websites?


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    My ex boyfriend did 3 years of university in Canada, and he's currently studying at UK because he wants to be a pharmacist, and he can't get into the program in Canada (because of the competition). He had no choice but to move to UK and do 4 more years.

    Since we've already broken up when he moved to UK, I can't give you a Lot of details but I hope I can give you Some idea (we still talk but not really in details).

    The reason why he moved to UK in the first place was because there is only 1 university close by which offers the degree, and he can't get into the program because of the competition (he had to write an exam along with like a billion other applicants or something). It's not for Fun. Why do you want to study abroad? Is there a special reason? Or you just want a change of setting?

    I have no idea what he's paying for school, but with living costs (and in UK too) I'm pretty sure he's paying a Lot more over there than here in Canada. And of course his family's rich so that's not a problem for him. If you're making minimum wage here, I don't think you'll be able to save up for 4 years of university abroad until you're 27 or something.

    About money there, I'm pretty sure you can find another minimum wage job in town abroad, but why would you want to go through all that trouble? My ex can do that because his family is rich, and money is a big factor in post-secondary education. Personal opinion, unless you are persueing a professional degree which you just absolutely Must move abroad for studying, and unless your family is loaded, I would recommend that you stay in Canada, finish your university degree, and go from there. Because you are spending a lot more money if you want to study abroad.

    My suggestion is, Think of the real reason why you want to go, and evaluate whether it is really worth it. You wouldn't want to spend your life savings during the first three months, and work minimum wage for 10 more years after you graduate paying off the debts you have cummulated during your years abroad.

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    As per the web site u have given reads as : Starting in 2011, one of the scholarship programs will be endowed with SEK 30 million per year, and is aimed at students from countries with which Sweden already has long-term development cooperations. These countries are Bangladesh, Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Mali, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zambia. India is not part of the programme. Hence it's not free for indians.

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