chest pains and pregnant?

im 21 weeks with my second child and for the last 2 days ive been having chest pains. it hurts when i take deep breaths.when i cough(randomly) it hurts at the top of my stomach and my middle back and chest.if im just breathing regular it dont hurt but its hard like stuffy feeling. now yes i have asthma.ive tooken the med but i still feel the same.i didnt notice this until a few days ago i caught a stomach bug and threw up the entire day. so my question is. do you think its because i threw up so much that my bodys just sore? or do i need stronger asthma med? could i be dehyradated or a common cold. also the weather is up and down here. one day its cold then one day its warm.thanks.

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    Please call your doctor to be on the safe side. It could be from throwing up and you strained your muscles. But I was having mild chest pain, like when I took a deep breath and I had preeclampsia (high blood pressure). Just call your doctor tomorrow to be on the safe side!

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    Call your OB and pass int othe workplace for a verify-up. One to be certain all is good with the youngster and 2 to be certain all is good with you. They can participate in an EKG to appear at your middle and I do not think this influences the youngster in any respect. It takes five mins an dgives you peace of brain. Once the intense matters are dominated out, in conjunction with the above recommendations, it might simply be middle burn from the developing youngster making use of upward stress on you belly and diaphragm providing you with a little bit of acid reflux disease. There are dependable OTC meds your OB can advocate.

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    It could be any number of things, but I think you should go to the doctor and have it checked out. Worst case scenario - it's a blood clot (as pregnant women are more prone to them) and it's best to just get checked.

    Good luck and take care!!

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