spanish homework help!!!!!!!!?

i need these both conjicated to the preterrite forms.

if you help i will give you the most possible points you can get.






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    Endings are: é/í, aste/iste, ó/ió, amos/imos, aron/ieron.

    On the first sheet:

    9. jugé

    11. vieron

    12. tocó

    16. visitaron

    17. busqué (car, zar, gar endings are changed slightly in yo form: g-gu, c-qu, z-c)

    18. intregó

    You can do the rest with this information. Also, cir words go to j and then are ended with e, iste, o, imos, eron...

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    Spanish from Spain is greatly special from the only utilized in such a lot Latin America, nonetheless on this certain endeavor the honor in now not fundamental. Anyway, it is providing you with solutions and asking you to write down questions that might obtain those solutions. a million. Mi padre se llama Tom (My father's title is Tom) ¿Cómo se llama su padre? (What's your father's title) two.No, no tengo un tio (No, I do not have an uncle) ¿Tiene usted un tío? (Do you could have an uncle?) three. hay catorce personas mi familia (There are fourteen men and women in my household) ¿Cuantas personas hay en su familia? (How many men and women are there on your household?) four. Si mi sobrina es sorda (Yes, my niece is deaf) ¿Es sorda su sobrina? (Is your niece deaf?) five. Su hermana united states lentes (His/her sister wears glasses) ¿Usa lentes su hermana? (Does his/her sister put on glasses?) 6. Ella es mi nieta (She's my granddaughter) ¿Quien es ella? (Who is she?) - or - ¿Es ella su nieta? ( Is she your granddaughter?) For this I'm making use of the extra formal "usted" as a substitute of "tu". They can be utilized interchangeably, however usted is extra almost always utilized in formal written duties for men and women studying Spanish. Hope this is helping! :)

  • Carmen
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    1. nade (accent on e)

    2. comiste

    4. pagamos

    6. cace (accent on e) [since empezar turns to empece in the yo form, the verb cazar should be the same]

    7. escribieron

    9. jugue (accent on e)

    11. vimos

    12. toco (accent on o)

    16. visitaron

    17. busque (accent on e)

    18. entrego (accent on o)

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