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What would be a good topic to write a 10 page paper on that deals with something to do with U.S. history?

My teacher has told us to write a paper with a minimum of 10 page length and have at least 3 book sources and a minimum of 10 sources total. I am really indecisive so i don't know what to right about. I am a science/ math person who likes technology, weapons and stuff like that. I need a specific topic in which i can have a thesis and everything.

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    Write about the development of military weapons in America

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    Write on the Bermuda Triangle about Flight 19

  • Anonymous
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    write about US. Army

    or How technology has changed over the yrs

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    can you use the current election

    this is first time us has a woman and a black man running

    this is making history

    and daily resources and updates are at you fingertips

    what about when women and blacks got their right to vote

    hope this helps

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