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bmx bike or mountain bike?

ok so i want a bike!

but i want one that i can ride down the seafront, which would involve taking it there in my car.

my last mountain bike wouldnt fit in my car even when i put my back seats forward making loads of space!


i was thinking a bmx bike would fit surely!


are bmx bikes more uncomfortable than mountain bikes????????

what with your legs not fully stretching as you cycle etc coz your so low down.

hmm if bmx riders and mountain riders could give me their views please :)

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    Have you thought about a trunk rack for the bike? Or did you try removing the front wheel on the MTB? It's pretty rare that a MTB won't fit in a car with the front wheel removed. A mountain bike will be far better for riding around then a BMX.

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    A mountain bike is your safest bet. BMX bikes are single speed, so if you plan on doing any sort of real trail riding its nice to have more than just that one gear. Most mountain bikes have gears, in fact, it is hard to find one that is singlespeed. Most singlespeed mountainbikes are customs or semi-customs. Hybrids were mentioned earlier... they would probably run you $500+, and I see that as a bit absurd. a good mountain bike would only run you around $250. Also mentioned was slick tires... I wouldnt go down that road. There have been a few guys come into the bike shop i work at changing their knobbies for some slicks and regretted it. Most stock tires are going to be unbearably knobby and will still give you a very smooth ride on concrete or whatever other surface. Unless you really, REALLY want to do tricks and the such, mountain bike is the way to go. The utility of mountain bikes is amazing, and you won't regret your decision. PS. if you decide on a mountain bike, get a hardtail. full suspensions only yield wasted money and energy.

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    I am a mountain bike rider this means I bring my bike by car to the mountains I fit 3 bikes and 3 people in my car I don't see why you cant with one.Are you taking the wheels off when you try putting it in the both.

    When you say the seafront do you mean the sand or the tarmacked road ?

    If you mean the road you don't need a mountain bike this will do you or if you want to be a bit fancy about it get this

    But if you mean sand get a cheap mountain bike like this

    By no means get a BMX there only for doing tricks and a type of racing there not a bike you can just go for a cycle on!

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    I ride both, and if you just want to ride around on flat land, it would actually be best to buy a cruiser bike. A BMX may be cheaper then a cruiser bike tho, and you can just raise the seat up high enough so it duznt stretch your legs even when you are sitting, but you cant' really do tricks comferatably then. Mounatain bikes are definitely best if you are going offroad, but still better then BMX bikes over mostly flat land that still has bumps. Overall, mounatin bikes are best to me becuz you can go offroad or ride on flat land. but best for flat land are cruiser bikes, and BMX next. Hope this helps you choose now :D

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    bmx bikes are a nightmare to ride any distance, how far from the seafront do you live, why cant you cycle there? any way anyone over the age of 15 looks ridiculous on a bmx , they are for children!! get a mountain bike.

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    Well if what you want is a BMX bike then get one. BMX bikes arent always low many riders choose to make it low like that. Personally i like my seat down low and my handlebars slightly cut.

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    Go for a mountain bike unless you want to do back flips, spin round the front wheel and have a bike which is useless for anything else but stunts.

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    if i were you i would get a pretty nice bmx bike. then you can get a real comfortable seat and raise the seat. depending on if oull do tricks or not u may wanna get a good one or a nasty one.

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