am I striaght ,lesbian,or bi?

I am so confused right now, I am 15 and I have been a tomboy all of my life, I wear guy clothes and I don't act girly but, ever since I can remember I have always liked girls since I was in kindergarden, and right now I really really like this one girl,and I've had a crush on her for two yrs. now,but anyway sometimes I can tell when a guy is nice looking but I don't think I would have sex with a guy,it just seems nasty to me to even touch a penis.I don't think I would have a problem having sex with a girl, as a matter of fact I usually fantisize about being with women like Jennifer aniston,Megan Fox,Jessica alba...ect. anyways I just don't know one day I'll be like I'm deffinently a lesbian, and then the next day I'll be like well maybe I'm bi,I've read books and I've took test online and I just can't figure out what I really am.I mean do lesbian girls still think guys look nice but they see girls better looking?I sometimes think I'm a soft butch but now I just don't know.

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    your young... thats what you are.. you learn through expirience and some expiriences you should wait to learn about... just have fun being a kid...

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    You are you. Sometimes gender and gender preference isn't clear cut. I have had this for sometime. Am I a lesbian? Am I bi? Maybe a lesbian who is a little bi?

    Do you really need a label right now? Be you, time will tell. If you like girls great! Like some boys too? thats fine too. Just date who you find attractive and interesting, regardless of sex, tends to be easier.

    Seriously, don't think about it too much. You'll spend many hours worried about who and what you might be, and for what?

    Good luck. Be honest with yourself, and no matter what your gonna be fine :)

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    hmm... well if you dont like men and dont think of having sex with men and thing it would be nasty to touch a penis then i would say you are a lesbian. Im straight and i can tell when another women is attractive but would not have sex or fantasise about being with another women. your 15 and your hormones are going crazy at the mo, dont listen to people who say your to young to decide, if youve liked girls since you were young then id say your probably a lesbian. But dont make the decision just yet, why not just say your bi? incase some sexy guy comes along and you fall for him. You dont have to decide whether your bi or a lesbian- just be you ! good luck hope this helps. x

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    You can't really ask other people if u are gay straight or bi. That is a personal decision to label yourself. There are many ways you can label yourself based on whether u like a certain gender or u actually date a certain gender. You have to make that decision on what u feel fits you. I won't worry to much about it because u like who you like. And when it comes to sexual preference, it really can't be defined.

    I personally believe that all people are beautiful and I am attracted to people not by gender, but personally so most would say I'm Bi. But, on the other hand I have never dated a girl and I have had a long term relationship with a guy so other say I'm Straight. And yet I don't label myself at all it's how u feel and what your comfortable with calling yourself. I call myself a Person Lover!!! lol

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    Many people go into a period of bicuriosity, and so I think that may be where you are.

    I don't believe that acknowledging someone's attractiveness makes you attracted to them. I'm about the same. I have always been attracted to men, but definitely know when a woman is hot. does that mean I'll do her? Maybe. But so far as I know, I'm straight. ... Or, my preferred term, heteroflexible. <3

    It doesn't have to be clearly cut; ambiguity is okay. It may be best to not decide now and just go with what you feel later. You may feel an attractin to the right guy, or you may find someone who is inbetween! ;) Proclaimed sexuality is arbitrary; don't follow society's pressure to categorize yourself if you're unsure- you're more "normal" than you think.

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    First off you dont need to label yourself. Gay, straight, bi, confused, whatever. Why does it really matter what you "are"? I think you should live your life how you want to life it no matter who you choose to love. Gay people can admire people of the opposite sex to be good looking, or hot, but they dont have the attraction to them like they do to the people of the same sex. If I were to tell you what you are, even though it really shouldn't matter I would say your a lesbian, because you like girls and only girls you dont "like-like" guys

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    Everyone can identify an attractive person in either sex. Guys recognize that another guy is good looking etc. This doesn't mean a lot.

    Most young girls relate to and hang with other young girls. That doesn't mean anything either.

    Wait until you are 21 years old before experimenting. You may have established your sexuality by then.

    Good luck

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    you said it 'i am so confused', i think it is normal at this age to just be confused. you could possibly be straight, gay or even bi. but until you fully understand what you are all about i would hold off on making any be confessions. you dont want to do anything that you would regret. you have to be true to yourself and follow your heart but FIRST you need to figure out what makes you, YOU. i probably dont make sense to you....but i did not know who i was when i was 15 and made some big mistakes i cant take back. at the time i was full of passion and was sure it was what i wanted. now when i think about it i was at 15 a follower and just did what was expected of me. now i think back and wince, b/c that was not me at all. and if someone would told me what i am telling you now i would of been like 'yeah right' and not listened. so i know you probably wont take my advice or even understand it. but i wish you the best of luck in your search for yourself.

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    i think you are lesbian. being able to tell when someone is good looking, guy or girl doesn't make you gay or straight. Thats being able to recognize good features on a person. If you cant see yourself having sex or living with a guy for the rest of your life, let alone touch him, I'd say its time you experiment with girls. You'll probably confirm your lesbian tendencies with a sure answer

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    your young.

    you may br a lesbian but give guiys a try first

    you don't know till you try it

    but if you think you want to have sex with a girl try it

    you might find out its not as it seems

    then when you get older and more experince you can decide

    but thats for you to decide not some online test

    or anyone that answers this question

    look for yourself your the only one that can figure this one out

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    From one butch to another, it's possible to notice that a guy is attractive without being sexually attracted to him. It's kinda how if you asked a straight woman if Angelina Jolie was hot she'd probably know the answer to that one even though she doesn't go that way. In all honest it took me a couple years to figure this one out for myself.

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