oil pressure on a gmc 5.7 vortec with 130,000 miles?

my oil pressure on a 5.7 vortec with 130,000 miles drops to15 in drive and goes to 40 under acceeleration. think i need a new oil pump?

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    noooooooooooooo dont use stp anything the best anything you want to use is lucas oil treatment sold at autozone napa car quest advanced or your nearest parts store

    now to answere your question you may need a new oil pump or you may just need a new oil sending unit located just under the distrubtor on the back of the engine i have well over 200,000 of trust me never ending abuse towing hauling and just flat out driving on my 5.7 and other than intake gaskets leaking about every 60 to 70k miles and i think back about at 140k i put a new sender in due to over zealous tech trying to get to the fuel lines broke the durn thing

    ok i admit it i broke it but its in a really stupid place

    you can put a manual gage in and test the oil psi to be sure just be prepared it time consuming and teadious but still alot cheaper than a oil pump

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    I have a 5.7 w/227,000k the oil press. is about 20psi at idle& 45psi at the high end w/ eng. warm using 10w30 no additives used stopped using them 20 yrs. ago. I change oil about every 4k to5k .With the oils they have today you shouldn't need additives.I wouldn't mix brands they tend to gum things up.I don't think you have a oil pressure problem.Keep up w/oil changes and keep an eye on the oil pressure.

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    Problem might be wear and tear on bearings, Normal for a vehicle with that mileage. As others have stated, try a heavier oil or maybe an STP type oil treatment.

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    either a oil pump works or it don't. i don't see any problem my truck does the same and it has 20,000 miles on the engine. might go up to 20w50 motor oil in the summer.

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  • jack w
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    1 decade ago

    As you have already noticed. Your oil pressure is low - as a temperory measure you may go to a heavier oil. good luck

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