How do I become an exchange student?

I would like to become an exchange student, preferably next year for my junior year in high school, but I'm not quite sure how too. I'd like to go somewhere cultural (except for spain), but how would I become one? How long would I stay there? And does it cost alot of money?

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    If you want to be an exchange student next year is that you need to hurry! Many programs have already shut down applications for the next school year (although there may be more opportunities for second semester students).

    Your first step is to find a good program. Make sure it is CSIET listed ( That means there is some government oversight and many high schools will not work with an organization not on that list. You should also check with your school counselor for programs he/she works with. A program is only as good as its local representatives. Generally, Aspect, AFS, Rotary and YFU are reputable everywhere with Rotary being the cheapest, but most competitive.

    There are three basic choices you can make. Summer, semester and year program. The summer programs tend to be more cultural than academic and you don't get near the language and culture immersion benefits from them as you do from the longer stays. Program costs will range from $5,000 to $10,000 depending upon the length of stay and the organization you choose (Rotary will be less). That fee will include air travel, insurance, support and orientations both at home and in your country, placement with a screened host family, school placement, and some smaller things (again, depending upon your organization). It does not include spending money which you will need for your personal use. WIth the low dollar, you can expect to spend $250-$350 per month.

    A typical high school exchange will place you with a host family who selects you from your application so it's very important to fill it out honestly. If you try to "remake" yourself, it gets your relationship with your family off to a very bad start.

    Hope this is helpful. For more information on the exchange experience, check out this website:

    Good luck and HURRY!

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    There are many programs, that range from just a few weeks in the summer, to an entire year abroad. Cost will vary as well, but it's usually not TOO expensive - especially when you consider all the life-changing experiences you'll have. Some programs even have scholarships or grants which can help reduce the costs further. Still, I would figure a month long program will cost you about $3000 - includes travel, hotel, fees, etc. Throw in another few hundred for spending money. Don't worry about the cost too much. The benefits from student travel are too great to ignore because of money.

    I'd start asking at your school about programs - ask your language teachers, or counselors. Most programs have an application process, so the earlier you find out about them, the better.

    When I was in high school, my teacher actually formed a partnership with a school over in Germany through a national program for German teachers. Each fall, a group of German students would come to the US and stay with students and their families, and then in the summer, a group of us would go to Germany. I went over for 3 weeks. For 2 weeks, I lived with a student my age, and went to school with him. For the 3rd week, we traveled to Berlin. We also took various day trips as well, so it wasn't school-every-day (after all, you can sit in classes all day back in the US...)

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    Check out the information at the sites below.

    I was a Rotary International exchange student over 20 years ago. The program is really outstanding; they take care of their students and don't rake them over the coals for cash. They're also quite selective, which leads to good representatives from each country being involved.

    Good luck!

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    If you live in a town with a Rotary club i suggest you contact them as most Rotary clubs particpipate in the Rotary Exchange Program. This is a program that last for one full school year, you live with three different host families and depending on each club many will pay your full way!

    Good Luck

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