Is the Porsche an over rated car?

I'm pretty impartial about Porsche......What I want to know is whether or not the car is over rated. I think it looks ok....It drives really well......

But is it really worth all the money? Also, is it really that nice looking of a car?

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    firstly I don't in anyway believe that Porsche's are over rated, they are THE benchmark to other sports car manufacturers, and unless you've driven a Porsche you'll never be able to understand it, I've driven several dozens of different type's of high end performance cars including several Ferrari's Lamborghini's and a Dauer Bugatti EB110 SS, and I can tell you that nothing drives like a Porsche and that person who stated that the Cayenne is not a Porsche, I 'd say it is and youcan feel it, I own a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and its a masterpiece, maybe not good at off-roading but on road acceleration and top speed will put even high end super luxury coupe's to shame (think how inadequate a Mercedes Benz CL500 driver will feel when loosing against a 2.5 ton SUV), people say that Porsche has been following the same design principal with there 911 line up, lemme ask you, would you change a multi award winning design that has become THE sports car of the century, every car enthusiast no matter how much they hate Porsche will a favorite for example my dad does not like Porsche, he's more of an Aston (owns a DB7 Volante and is looking forward to the DB9) fan BUT he considers the 959 to be one of the best cars in the world, Jeremy Clarkson thinks cocks buy Porsche but when he tested the Carrera GT he was astonished to an extent that he claimed the GT to be the most beautiful Super car he's ever seen and he being a Ferrari nut said that the 2000 911 Turbo was a better car then the Ferrari F355, Porsche not only being very practical at the same very reliable and it can still hold up a fight against the best of the best (Ferrari and Lamborghini), when talking about about there rivalry against Ferrari and Lamborghini, people quote "Ferrari and Lambo are all Naturally aspirated where as the 911 Turbo and GT2 are either Turbo Charged or Twin Turbos Charged" well there is a saying "you win by an inch or a mile, winning is winning" well I say " you win Turbo Charged or Naturally Aspirated, winning is winning", Ferrari' and Lamborghini usually spend most of there time laying around in the garage where as a 911 Turbo is to many a very reliable and versatile everyday sports car and the new GT2 is even better and it wont be called the widow-maker anymore as its much more tamed and easier to drive and beside it did a 7:30 lap around the Nurburgring which is just 2 seconds short of the two ruling car's the Pagani Zonda F and the Porsche Carrera GT and is a whopping 20 seconds faster then the F430 Ferrari and 23 seconds faster then the Lamborghini Gallardo,the new GT2 is faster then the Ferrari F430 Scuderia, I mean it will hit 100 mph in 7 seconds and it is faster at the top end aswell, ther Ferrari Scuderia will do 199 mph where as the new GT2 will go way past that and show you 204 mph and some critics are saying that the GT2 with a good Aero kit will surpass 208 mph what else do you want from a 911 that is priced at $196,000 whith a lot of equipment as standrard where as a base model F430 would cost anywhere between $185,000 to $190,000 and the Scuderia will take you as high as $230,000.

    Porsche has always had something that would have Ferrari and Lamborghini bosses on the edge of their seats and if you've watch the news lately then you'd probably know that Porsche is considering on buying up Volkswagen which mean Audi & Lamborghini, Bentley and Bugatti, Skoda and Seat are going to be directly under Porsche's control and for your information VW is the biggest automobile manufacturer in Europe.

    Porsche use there own performance parts, such as Transmission, Brake kits, Turbonautics, AWD systems and everything else, where as Ferrari get brake disc's from Brembo, seat's from Recaro and transmission from ZF on the other hand Lamborghini acquires help from Audi in these matters such as most of the interior bit in the Gallardo are from Audi ranging from multimedia to basic necessities such as the Steering wheel, which makes Porsche genuine.

    Source(s): owner of 2 Porsche at the moment, a Cayenne Turbo S and a 2008 911 Carrera S and STILL waiting for my GT2 to arrive as they keep post ponding the date for some reason and that is driving me insane :-( but I'd be more then happy to receive her on the 14th of Feb as then I'd be having 2 valentines :-p.
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    The Cheverolet Corvette is the best bang for the buck in it's class. An American Exotic made in Bowling Green, Ohio Porsche Boxster has a very rich racing heritage and pure pedigree as a dedicated sports car builder Infiniti G35, very few complaints about this car and it has within it's cross hairs the bogey: BMW. Nissan 350Z has a cult following, it is a high performer with few compromises as a result, it will not be outclassed by any of the aforementioned vehicles. Audi TT is unique and the breed is in good standing among it's peers. It is not the first car one would think about, but when they realize it. The Audi TT can fill the bill. Audi has done a fantastic job with this package.Nevertheless, Audi has a hit or miss reputaton on reliability. Chrysler Crossfire has Mercedes bones and it is the one vehicle that was birthed from the DaimlerChrysler marriage that is a sportster, nothing more Ford Mustang is rated so low because it has an antiquated solid rear axle and does not cost less than any of it's competitors on this page. When Ford scrapes up the money to have an independent rear end like the others mentioned in my response, then it will rise in the ranks. Honda S2000 has a high feature 4 cylinder SVTEC engine that revs to 8500 rpm. This is phenomenal, becuase the range of flexibility of this type of configuration mimics what the real racers use on the track. The Honda engine is tops. Mazda Mx5 has been perfected to be a jack of all trades master of one. Handling. It is not a bad car by any stretch, it is simply not in the class of the Porsche, Corvette and others. The Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky look the part, but they have not been in production long enough to compare anthing but looks. I have noticed in person, the car looks like a big toy with hot wheels. However, on the magazine page, both vehicles are photogenic, but the verdict is still out on these handsome twins from A-Z. It is hard to know what they do well, but I can say that Ponitac and Saturn have succeded in bringing to market an aspirational car. The question remains, what is it like to live with "her." These are my thoughts.

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    Porsche builds cars for people who like to feel the car when they drive. Although many Porsche owners buy them as status symbols, they are designed for the driving enthusiast. Think of value as how well the car does what it was designed to do compared to the cost. If you use this definition of value, the Porsche is one of the best values on the road. Where else can you find a true sports car that starts a little over $40K, that has a phenomenal powertrain, suspension, braking and steering? Yes, they can run well into the six figure territory, but look what you're getting for your money.

    Also, remember that looks are subjective. Some people love the look of the Porsche. Others are indifferent. A few don't like the look. I myself think its a beautiful car that fulfills all my needs for a true sports car.

    And yes, I do own a Porsche (986 and 996 or for the non Porsche guys, a Boxster and a 911).


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    You have to be a car person to get the value out of the Porsche. If you don't love driving -- love the connected feel to the road, the sound of the engine, the total contol over the car, you can't appreciate a Porsche (not a Cayenne -- not a true Porsche).

    If you value those things, Porsches are worth the money. BMWs don't compare. Mercedes don't come close. Nothing out of Japan can stir the same passion.

    If you aren't a car person and just care how the car looks or what features you get for the money, it isn't worth it. Porsches are sports cars. If you don't appreciate all that comes with that, better to buy something else.

    Source(s): former Boxster S owner
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    Looks are a subjective thing. The way it drives is what makes it a Porsche. The early cars took some getting used to and to be good at it was truly a skill. Newer ones have been designed to be much easier to drive at the limit. The fact is that the car has always been a drivers car. The way the car makes you feel when driving it is what matters.

    For me yes its worth the money. Is it really that nice looking, Hell Yes! What other car has kept the same basic shape for 40 years and still looks so good?

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    First let me start by saying that I'm a Hot Rod guy. I inherited 2 Porsche's a 356C cab and a 911, since they are both worth some money I figured i would keep them. Over time they do tend to grow on you, and the fit and finish is very well done. I've yet to hear a rattle in those cars vs. the other cars i own both old and new. Is it worth the money...... I guess to some it would be, and I have been offered crazy money for the 356.

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    NO. It is not over rated. It is under rated.

    They only use 6 cylnder engines in their sportscars. They make the fastest 6 cylinder cars in the world.

    They make the most fuel efficient 6 cylinder engines. They are very reliable cars.

    They are the leader in turbocharging technology.

    They are just as fast as 8, 10, and some 12 cylinder cars.

    They are the most practical supercars and most user friendly.

    I say they are under rated because people think they are slow because they only have 6 cylinders.

    I think it is worth the money because they cost half the cost of other supercars of the same performance.

    Mercedes sportscars, Ferrari's, and Lamborghini's that go just as fast cost double the price of a Porsche.

    When the Porsche 959 was made in the 90's, it was the fastest and most advanced car in the world and it used NASA technology. Its Technology is still considered more advanced than some new cars today.

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    Mercedes Benz & Rolls Royce are overpriced you are paying for the name.


    cost a lot but the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

    for todays money, no car is equal to a

    Porsche Boxster

    read what consumer reports says:

    Highs: Acceleration, handling, steering, braking, two trunks, side-curtain air bags.

    Lows: Noisy cabin, small audio controls, no standard passenger air-bag cutoff.

    The Boxster's agile handling is fun and controllable. It has excellent tire grip and precise, communicative steering. Braking is top-notch. The ride is firm and well-controlled, yet not punishing. A five-speed manual transmission is standard in the base Boxster, with a six-speed in the S. Throttle response is sharp, and the engine sound is a thrill. The two fore-and-aft trunks are both small but add some practicality. The power top is easy to operate and works at up to 30 mph. For 2007, both the Base and S versions gain more power and revisions to the optional automatic transmission. Reliability has been spotty but is average of late.

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    Girls and kids that play video games wouldn't know anything about the history of cars, the races they won, the technology they invented and the road handling and capabilities of a car. Are you an idiot or what. If you pay $500 for a computer or $3,000 for a computer you're going to get what you paid for. That's why Honda or BMW cost $30,000 instead of $300,000 because you don't get 600 horsepower with the lowest drag cofiecent not to mention able to do laptimes ten times faster than some 350z or eclipse.

    Actually out of all the auto manufacturers Ferrari has won the most races and has the longest experience especially in Formula One.

    Just the same as Ducatis cost more than other sports bikes because Ducati wins the World Championship almost every year and so they put that technology into their street bikes.

    Little girls don't understand this concept though of more experience, more wins = cost more....

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    A porsche is a status symbol, in other words, it is overpriced, but people buy it because when they're driving down the road, people go "oh! look that guy has a porsche! He must be rich." I think that you would be better off getting a different car and using the money for something else.

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