I want to find out what kind of heater I have?

I am in San Jose, California where its 48F outside. I set the home thermostat to a higher temperature(62F) and looked around my home/garage to figure out what things are working for heating the home. Apparently the AC unit outside the home was not on, and also the water heater did not seem to make that boiling noise. I had intentionally set the temperature on the water heater to low. So with the high heating bills I am confused as to what equipment is heating my home and where it might be located? In the attic? My home was built in 1998.

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  • argus
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    1 decade ago
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    You probably have forced hot air(FHA)

    and the unit is most likely in the Attic, if

    you don't have a basement

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    You will want to check the attic if the heater is now where else to be found, On the heater you will find the data tag and it will let you know who the manufacture of the unit is. Also with the model and serial number thee is a way of finding out the date of manufacture of the unit. The unit will be placed in one of these areas the garage, closet, attic.

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    You may have heat tape in the ceiling. This is not visible by looking at the ceiling. Put your hand on the ceiling and see if it feels warm.

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