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if i dont get along with my family members as well as my parents ~~~,?

wouldnt you think it would be a good idea to just remove myself from the situation? heres what happened: im going on a three week vacation to florida,okay? now ive had a lot of stress built up in my system,and im very very short tempered,my father who is crippled by alzhiemers riffles through things and somehow either lost or threw away my passport! my trip is in jeopardy and im going to be out $ 200 dollars (the plane fare round trip) because my dad screwed me he and i had a heated argument and i inadvertantly went for my mother called my brother who went ballistic and threatened to call the cops and put me in jail! who the hell would put their own sister in jail???? two months ago my brother went for me and broke my finger because he hates my computer! really,i think hes the one whos nuts,not me.and i know what people are going to say and ill still think im right regardless.


if i had the funds,i would simply move out.i believe in the old saying,if you cant stand the heat,then get out of the kitchen.i would LOVE to get out of this kitchen!! and fast!

Update 2:

"IF" my brother did get me arrested,think of the undo stress it would put on my parents who are sick! tink of what that would do to my mother who has heart problems! it would kill her. this is what you would want? shame on you! it aint me,its my brother who is 62 yrs old ,married twice and divorced twice,has 7 kids ,and is a professional skirt chaser.

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    techinally, yes, your brother could get you thrown in jail. How old are you? Maybe you should go on your own vacation to sort things out you know? These things take time and you need to review your situation and see if you want to stay with your family. Your family supports your decisions Im guesssing, so they should support you. Alzheimers is a very serious problem, and this isnt your father's fault. If I could tell you anything about family problems to change your mind and stay by your family in this tough time I would. Recently I was very upset with my mother and she kicked me out of the house. What i did to my family was wrong and i apologized to them for lying to them. They took me bACK and told me that they loved me no matter what i did wrong. Now, i dont think you are crazy, I also dont think that our family situations are remotely similar but we both have one thing in common here: we need to admit to our mistakes. Your family loves you! If you remove yourself from the situation, then you will always wonder if you could have changed and it would be better, that regret isnt a good thing to have in your life!

    Hope you make the right decision!

    Remember that your family loves you!

    Relax and have a good night!

    I will pray for you, take care

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    Well Look at it from a Legal Prospective dear, Going after sick and elderly people is considered a Hansas Crime.

    If your brother and You dont get along. Then by all means get the Heck out ASAP.

    In the Nature of the Passport, Whos the one to care for it ???

    Most likely You, Get real and put your stuff in a safe place for future Use. Ok Be the Adult and Give your father a Break.

    By The Way He brought you into this world CORRECT !!!

    God Bless, LP

    Source(s): Using common Sense and Knowing something about the law helps :)
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    You have a point there when you said your dad has ""Alzheimer's"" what does that make you feel? Do you at least understand his sickness, take a class and learn about your dads disease. Good luck

    Sto throwing temper tantrum

    Yes if you are being abusive to your family your brother is not going to watch that, he has a right to throw you in jail.

    Sorry about your finger.

    Have a happy avacation!!!

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