Craigslist anonymous email reply?

I just found out something very disturbing. I use craigslist a lot. I constantly get scammers replying to my ad.

I just realized that when someone emails a response to my (anonymous) ad and then I respond or reply back, my email address is in the "From" line of the email. What's the point of anonymous email if my address is seen when I reply back?

I've tried to delete of hide my address in the text box but that doesn't work. I use Earthlink mail server and I looked in the Help section too but to no avail.

Anyone know what I can do? Thanks.


I look on my Yahoo web based email and the same thing happens? Can web based email solve this problem or not? Thanks.

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    You can change the reply to field in your e-mail settings. Thus, when you reply it will show whatever you typed. Unfortunately, your address will still show in the mail header.

    Your best bet is to use a free account, like yahoo or google and use it strictly for situations such as this.

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    Craigslist Emails

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    Craigslist has anonymous reply now. Both response and reply will go through craigslist and craigslist will remove your original email address so neither seller or buyer can see the others email address

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    How do a I get an email address from craigslist

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    i know what you mean... i just figured that out myself a couple of months ago. i guess so just anyone doesnt see your email address on the ad, and the initial email is sent to the "craigslist email address" which is really your email, but they cant see that until you reply, like you said. so i guess its just used for the initial email (thats what ive come to accept)

    i set up a seperate email address, just for craigslist.

    good luck!

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    thats why you use a webbase free email for craigslist. dont use your personal one.

    what you should do next time is IN THE POST say that you want them to leave their name and phone number in the email.

    dont reply unless they have those info in the email and that it is local numbers and not long distances.

  • 6 years ago

    Create a new free account with yahoo or gmail and reply only with this new email account.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    but my question is even though I have a free yahoo email account when I look at the 'reply', it shows my full do I get rid of that??

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