Should the United States' government abolish the IRS and federal income tax and..?

Should the United States' government abolish the IRS and federal income tax and replace them with a national sales tax?

Whats the pros and cons for the national sales tax?

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    Yes, the establishment of the 'Federal' Reserve System has been the bane of our nation since it's inception.

    Since the Fed was established, it's been the cause of all war, inflation, debt, profiteering and elitism.

    As the quote from Mayer Rothschild (the owner of the Bank of England and co-owner of the Fed stated) : "Allow me the control of a nations currency, and I care not who makes it's laws".

    Think about that, and maybe it'll put some things into perspective.

    When one takes into mind that the Fed and it's massive corporate conglomerate holdings are as follows :

    Northwestern Airlines, Goldman-Sachs, Macy's, Exxon, Shell,

    various Chemical companies, Time-Warner, New York Times, New York Life, and the list goes on and on and on.

    (I have a graph for this all at home, but this is just what's in my head at the moment).

    Here's another version of the graph I have :

    Some of the companies listed have been reincorporated within other larger companies of the same owning family : the Rockefeller's.

    They own damned near everything, and they also control, and manage the 'Federal' Reserve (which is NOT a Federal agency by the way).

    Ever since we lost the Gold Standard of financial backing, we've been controlled of the national bankers : primarily, the Rockefeller dynasty, and the Bank of England.

    A quote from Abraham Lincoln sums it up beautifully : "If I were to have a standing army to my front, and two bankers to my rear....the rearward threat would be the greater of the two".

    Our paper money is now equivalent to two has nothing solid to back it's value, we may as well be carrying Monopoly money for what it's worth.

    The IRS, more specifically : it's involvement with the 16th amendment scam is COMPLETELY unconstitutional and unlawful. This amendment was never ratified completely by all 52 states, and the Supreme Court in 1916 decided that the 16th never appointed the government the power to create a new system of taxation.

    So yes, the removal of the Fed would be the best thing that could ever happen in this nation.

    Ron Paul 2008!!

    More links for educational reference : (Aaron Russo : the director of America : Freedom to Fascism being interviewed by Alex Jones.....VERY important)

    Youtube thumbnail

    (Alex Jones' ranting governmental tirade in Waking Life - very important, and powerful)

    Youtube thumbnail

    Youtube thumbnail

    Source(s): I find my own truth, and I make my own opinions based upon said truth. If one wants to take it as wierd or fanatical, please do....everyone is entitled to their opinion. Study on your own, do your own due-dilligence, wake up from being a mind-controlled meat-puppet by your own volition. All I can do is share the truth and show the door, you have to go through it on your own.
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    Yes, I think it would be a great idea. First, I think the tax is more fair than other taxes, thus it is called the fair tax. I propose that generally he who buys the most, consumes the most, costs the most for our government therefore should pay the most. Income tax, as much as we we want to make it fair, comes down to a battle of rich (exemptions and deductions) over poor. The IRS is a jumbled mess that benefits the ones who can afford the best accountants and lawyers.

    I think the fair tax would also decrease consumption thus benefiting the environment. If you tax high polluting things at a higher rate you clean our air and water through a fair tax, whereas an income tax has not corrective.

    I would suggest that certain necessities should be taxed at a lower rate and some not taxed at all.

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    Only if it is a luxury sales tax, survival essentials (food, water, shelter) must be exempt.

    Income tax is a horrible idea, I can't believe we have suffered it this long. Think about it. The government steals 30% right off the top, before you have a chance to spend $1 on food or shelter. Government should be at the end of the line for your money, not the front.


    1) It's fair, everyone pays the same rate.

    2) It's progressive, rich people buy more luxuries and more expensive luxuries, so they pay a lot more in tax. The poor pay little or no tax because they don't buy luxuries.

    3) You don't have to report every detail of your life to the federal government like you do now on April 15th.

    4) No exemptions for special interest groups.

    5) Encourages saving instead of running out to buy latest luxury (iPod, xBox, "cool" shoes, etc.).

    6) No way to get around paying taxes. Even if you pay people in cash "under the table", they still shop at Wal-Mart, so will pay taxes.


    ...... I can't think of any.

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    Anyone who gives me a thumbs down can die choking on a gallon of pine-sol.

    The way I think about it, younger people might not care, but a sales tax will take from everyone.

    I just went through my taxes from last year, and at my part time job, I got 14% taken away. Now, if a national 20% sales tax replaces income tax, I'll be paying more. People who don't even work will be paying. I do believe that the government will be getting a lot more money, while leaching it's citizens to death.

    Another thing, do you think that any seniors are going to vote for this, honestly? They paid income tax their entire lives, and don't have to pay it seeing as they've retired. Do you think that they are going to vote to continue paying taxes after they've payed them for 40+ years?

    Still not, I'll NEVER vote for a national sales tax.


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    More money for the little guy means less for the big ones so whether they should or not is moot. There will be no justice and there will be no equality except in death.

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    I agree with freedom for all!

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