Laptop wont turn on, Installed heavy software (oracle) although system requirements didnot meet, what to do?

Here is what happened: I have a Dell Inspiron 600m Laptop Computer with 1.6 GHz clock speed and 512MB RAM.

I needed to install some heavy software on it (i.e. Oracle Database, JDeveloper,SOA Web Suite etc). All of these software required at least 1GB of RAM which I didnot have, but I had to use these for my project so I ignored those warnings.

Result/Symptoms: Computer hanged and I had to turn it off manually. Now computer either DOES NOT BOOT i.e. when I push the start button some lights show up but thats it. OR IT STARTS but again HANGS. SO i need to turn it off.

I have deleted most of the software from it in the chances that I get after every dozen times when it turns on in safe mode... but while deleting it again turns off.

I think the software somehow effected the configuration settings of my system which wont let it work for too long, it gets heated and Hangs in a minute

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    1 decade ago
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    try system recovery this will delete all work and set computer back to factory settings.

    also upgrade your ram

  • 1 decade ago

    Take it to the shop!

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