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Christians opposed to gay marriage, are you saving gay people from hell with this law?

I'm curious to hear from all the "loving" Christians, how exactly they are helping gay people by not allowing them to marry.

I know... gay people are going to hell and all, but obviously, they are going to be gay, whether you let them get married or not. So... what exactly is the benefit of keeping gay marriage illegal? Who benefits from this, and how?


Edit - speaking for myself, and I think I speak for a lot of straight people... even if the government PAID me to marry another man... it wouldn't turn me gay. So I doubt that gay marriage is going to "create" gay people.

Update 2:

For those that are saying it harms the church's definition of marriage, you are simply, and completely wrong. Gay people want civil unions. They don't care what your church's opinion or practice is.

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  • NOJ
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    1 decade ago
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    I've heard a number of Christians proudly say that if there were no God they would be murderers and rapists. Maybe they are afraid that if there were no laws prohibiting gay marriage they might find themselves in a gay relationship and that scares them.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It's not the common Christian's fault. They are pawns in a political game of chess that is being played all throughout the United States. Most Christians could care less whether or not the gay couple down the street was legally married or not, although there are some hateful fundies that would take issue with such. It's just that politicians are pulling strings in order to convince Christians to vote for them. Apart from election season, you never hear about this argument. There's a reason: it's a hotbutton issue used to divide people along political lines, it was never an issue that was meant to be resolved.

    Theologically speaking, there is no difference between whether homosexuals are married or not. The only people that benefit from banning same-sex marriage are those that preach that it's wrong and the businesses that don't have to give benefits to same-sex partners. Everyone else simply gets caught in the hysteria.

    Edit: You're completely correct with your assertion that legalizing homosexual marriage would not create more gay people. Nor is there a "slippery slope" that comes with recognizing consensual adult relationships. Those that present those arguments would do well to revisit the evolution of Christian morals over the last 500 years.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Michelle C> So basically you are all in favor of black-white segragation. equal but seperate. You are favor of that 100%. Because if you are not that you are being a raving hypocrite because it is the same thing.

    If anyone wants any proof that humanity is decended from a s**t flinging ancestor who was a dirty animal.....just look at the attitude here...all the proof Evolution needs.

    We are acting more disgusting than the dirtiest animal and would make the Nazi SS guard proud. We talk about keeping things pure, and good...bigots spout about how they believe in love while the spread hate and lies and fear.

    Proving 100% that anyone who thinks we were created by God in God's image....has a deep hatred and zero respect for God.

    This ban comes from a religion that thinks men sworn to celibacy raping little boys is fine..but if the boys are adults and consent to it with a lifelong bond then it condemns them to hell. Real sweet and full of goodness isn't it?

    Anyone who wishes to be part of this religion....needs to seriously re-think their decision and beliefs.

    Oh one more thing to the "christian" bigots.....YOU EAT PORK+SHELLFISH..nothing said you could do fact God said you COULD you're all going to Hell anyway..why should anyone give a crap what you think?

  • Tamsin
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    1 decade ago

    I think most Christians believe that homosexuality in and of itself isn't a sit but acting on those desires is. So possibly somewhere in this twisted viewpoint they think that if gays are not allowed to get married that will deter them from acting on their homosexual desires. Well guess what? Gay people are going to be with, love, and have sex with the person they love whether or not they are allowed to get married.

    I think they may also fear that allowing gay marriage will make people turn gay. That is bs. This planet will ALWAYS be mostly straight and allowing gay marriage isn't going to change that. Like you said, if a person is straight they are not going to want to marry someone of the same sex even if they had that option. Like right now, gay people have the option of marrying someone of the opposite sex, but they don't, b/c that is not who they are and that would not make them feel fulfilled and happy.

    They also fear that in allowing gay marriage it will start to show young kids that homosexuality is in fact ok and they fear that. I see no problem with it. I think if in children's cartoons and television shows, if they can show a male and a female being in a relationship, having crushes etc, then they should also be able to show gays or lesbians doing the same thing. This is not any more inappropriate than exposing children to heterosexuality and will not make them turn gay or make them want to be gay. It will simply make them more open minded and accepting of others. If these things made children chose their sexuality than why are there gay people? We grew up seeing heterosexuality all around us and still we are attracted to the same sex.

    I think it all boils down to fear. They try to cover it up with this excuse and that excuse but really it's all about fear and insecurity.

    I've seen at least one person on here say something to the effect of "why do gays want to get married since it is an institution of god and they clearly don't believe in god or the bible" well guess what? Marriage really doesn't have anything to do with your god or the bible any longer. It is a political institution. My mom and stepdad are atheists. They do not believe in your god or your bible yet they were permitted to get married. If you feel that people who don't believe in god or the bible should not be allowed to marry than you should not just be attacking gays and lesbians it should be everyone who wishes to marry but does not follow your faith/god etc.

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  • Keyo
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    4 years ago

    Fortunately, it's not up to the Christians on Y!A to decide whether to legalize gay marriage. The Supreme Court will rule that denying gay couples the right to marry is unconstitutional, and anybody who doesn't like it can go pound salt.

  • 1 decade ago

    I understand why they are opposed to it, while I don't agree with them. In Christianity they are taught that marriage is a union between a man and a woman and it is "approved" of in gods eyes as a holy union.

    The concept of the marriage of two people of the same sex being approved of, by that same god, (who said he hates homosexuality, in their holy book) is incomprehensible to them. They don't see how it could ever be something god would approve of or allow to happen and they feel they have to "do his work here" by making sure it doesn't happen.

    That pretty much sums it up.

    It's really difficult for some people to separate themselves from these ingrained beliefs. It's part of what they so strongly identify with as a person.

    Then again, some people are just homophobic bigots, which is so apparent by answer such as: "What's next, marrying your pet?" Morons, I tell ya.

  • Stevie
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    1 decade ago

    I believe in God.... though I am not opposed to gay marriage. I dont know what religion has to do with marriage...I thought it was just about showing the world that you have found the person that you want to spend your life with.

    Personally.... I dont think marriage should be under the thumb of politicians or churches.

    I believe it is unconstitutional to prevent ANYONE from being married... Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness are basic human rights... and if it makes someone happy to be married to someone else of the same gender... then who the hell has the right to stop them???

    If people cant get into Heaven just because of who they love... then maybe I dont want to be there either.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    CIVIL RIGHTS! Why do people have to be haters? What makes christians right about what God wants? Complete bogus I think.

    Oh, I completely support gay marriage.

    To the guy above me. We are here to reproduce. Well, gays must adopt and where's the harm in that? We have full orphanages around the world with kids waiting for a home. Instead of making more kids, lets take care of the ones already here first. Thats where gays come in.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The attitude toward Gays is just one more example of the stupidity of human kind.

    The penchant of the uninformed to convince themselves that they, the uninformed, can control human behavior by the mere passing of laws is yet another example of human stupidity.

    We constantly give ourselves credit for the scientific achievement of the very, very few among us who take the time and make the effort to educate themselves while indulging ourselves in superstition and bogus opinions we incorrectly refer to as..."theories".

    We indulge in everyday ignorance causing harm to women, gays, ethnic minorities and the like.

    We are contemptuous of anyone who disagrees with our misconceptions and guard them as they were actually valuable.

    The politicians who hire staff to write our laws are no exception to this indulgence in ignorance. Not only do most senior politicians not read the entire legislation they pass, many of them could not comprehend the words contained therein.

    We really need to have a complete revamping of our tired, old, long over due for revision, system of making a fool of ourselves.

    Washington may be pathetic but we are partly to blame. Do we watch them? Do we take care of our own national business when they repeatedly fail to do so?

    Do we investigate their incomprehensible incompetence? No. We are part of the problem because we do not bring them to...justice.

    If I were a thumper I'd say...god save us. It looks, sadly, that we are going to have ourselves. Will we?

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We married hetero people found an ancient script omitted from the bible that said the hell Jesus was talking of IS marriage, so YES we are trying to save the gays! why do you think they call it GAY their not married. But seriously, I am a Christian, and we have beliefs that we feel are not an option for us to follow, they are commanded. We also believe God gave all people free will, so gays can do as they want and it is between them and god. As far as us, when it comes to laws we are going to stand up for what we belive in. It is hard when a vote comes around for us to say,"Well sure lets allow something that we as a religion are supose to not pertake in anyway" at the same time we don't wana force our religion down someones throats, but other groups religious or not, do it every single day so why not us. The truth is no matter what it may seem most Christians are just standing up for there beliefs, and we really don't care what you do in your bed room. I know I could care less.

  • Aravah
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    1 decade ago

    It doesn't prevent us from going to hell - if you believe in the Christian version of religion and their interpretation of the bible.

    Gays and lesbians will still be gay and lesbian. Stopping civil unions or marriages won't stop that.

    Armless Joe - I hope you're being sarcastic. Do you realize how many gays and lesbians were raised in straight households? How many have straight brothers and sisters? Studies show that gays and lesbians don't raise a higher percentage of gay and lesbian kids than straights do.

    If you are being sarcastic, I apologize for not catching it.

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