deadbeat dad project..need

i am working on something about dead beat dads...i need a song that would go with it

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  • Dani G
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    1 decade ago
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    Everclear - Father of Mine

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Cats in the Cradle by Ugly Kid Joe

    Lyrics below to give you the flavour!

    Plus here's a YouTube link -

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    My child arrived just the other day

    come to the world in the usual way

    but there were planes to catch

    and bills to pay

    he learned to walk while I was away

    he was talking for a minute

    and as he grew

    he'd say I'm gonna be like you Dad

    you know I'm gonna be like you

    And the cats in the cradle

    and the silver spoon

    little boy blue and the

    man on the moon

    when you comin' home son

    I don't know when

    we'll get together then

    you know we'll have

    a good time then

    Well my son turned ten

    just the other day

    he said thanks for the ball Dad

    come on let's play

    can you teach me to throw

    I said not today - I got a lot to do

    he said that's o.k.

    and he walked away and he

    smiled and he said

    you know I'm gonna be like him yeah

    you know I'm gonna be like him

    And the cats in the cradle ...

    Well he came from college

    just the other day

    so much like a man I just had to say

    I'm proud of you could you

    sit for a while

    he shook his head

    and he said with a smile

    what I'd really like Dad

    is to borrow the car keys

    see you later can I have them please

    And the cats in the cradle ...

    I've long since retired

    my son's moved away

    I called him up just the other day

    I'd like to see you if you don't mind

    he said

    I'd love to Dad

    if I could find the time

    you see my new job's hassle

    and the kids have the flu

    but it's sure nice talking to you Dad

    it's been sure nice talking to you

    and as I hung up the phone

    I occured to me

    he'd grown up just like me

    my boy was just like me

    And the cats in the cradle ...

    And the cats in the cradle ...

  • 1 decade ago

    papa was a rollin stone by the temptations,everclear fater of mine,a boy named sue by johnny cash.

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