How Can a Patriot Fly the Confederate Flag?

The confederate flag has been the symbol of anti-americanism and anti-Constitutional for nearly a decade and a half. In 1861, when South Carolina committed treason, declaring itself independent from the Union and its Constitution it swore to uphold in 1789. Other states followed to form the Confederate States of America.

The Confederate States of America and their armies were the largest group of American traitors in our entire history! Hundreds of thousands of true Americans (the north) were killed by these malicious anti-American terrorists.

It is a falsehood in its entirety to argue the Civil War as simply "a misunderstanding regarding the Constiution," of course it was a misunderstanding but this does not excuse the thousands of malicious acts of treason comitted by the confedererates.

So this gets to my question... Why fly the flag of the biggest group of traitors in American History? The traitors who murdered in cold blood hundreds of thousands of Americans.


Obviously, I don't disagree that Southerners should have the right to fly the flag. If a person has the right to fly a Nazi flag, they certainly have the right to fly their flag. The issue I have, simply originates from a strong distaste of Pre-Civil War "Southern Pride." When your history consists of Incessant Racism, Slavery, Hatred of Blacks, and Segregation, what's to be proud of? When your entire economy up until World War II (sure it wasn't called slavery but it might as well have been) was based upon hatred and the treatment of Blacks as animals, where is the pride? The confederate flag, in my opinion and the opinion of many scholars in the field, is a representation of this pre-Civil War attitude. The south today is wonderful, and luckily, does not contain this hatred. The Confederate flag represented and will continue to represent the war attitudes mentioned before. I am a huge proponent of state's rights. As long as your state is not attempting to commit malicious treason.

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    Get a life.

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    Give me a break, Bearkat. I'm a Texan too, and if you want to look at the six flags over Texas, go to the theme park. Texas is no longer under any of those flags other than the American flag. We are part of America. The Confederate flag is a symbol of treason, so flying it is supporting treason. The Confederacy killed more Americans than Al Qaida. Think about it.

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    Many in the south remember the War as a thing of Pride, and the Confederate flag is a symbol to them of their forefathers. Yes, the Civil War was terrible, and yes, the South's attempt to seceed from the Union was treasonus.

    If they want to remember their forefathers--regardless of how they were--who are we to stop them? This is America, after All. Now, if they raise the Confederate flag, calling people to Rebellion, then send the Marines and the SWAT Teams Pronto!!!

    We need to let it go eventually. Do we still hate Germany for the Nazi's? Or the U.K. who we fought in 2 wars? Do we still have to spit in the face of the South because of the actions of some of their fathers? Isn't this like judging a person based on race or on some American Caste system? If they hurt or terrorize people, only then can we cry for them to be brought to justice, and not before.

    Even Today, if the Neo-Nazis want to have a parade down Main St., they can legally do so, with their black swastikas. Yes they are evil, but until they threaten or terrorize or hurt another human being or call for their destruction they cannot be brought to justice.

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    So you want to take down flags now?

    All right...for the uneducated among us--Texas has 6 flags in its history.

    Spanish, French, Mexican, Confederate, Texan (as a Republic) and U.S.

    Texas was a republic before it became a state.

    Let's see--we don't like the French because they didn't support Texan George Bush's Iraq war. Let's take that one down.

    Mexican--well, that has to do with the issue of immigration, and it may be offensive to some--let's take that one down.

    Spanish--again, immigration issue...Spain is close enough to Mexico. Okay, take it down.

    Texas flag--Texas, as a Republic, allowed slaveholding. The Texas flag represents slavery! Take it down!

    Does taking down flags take away history? Tell me how taking down flags changes history.

    What is the fascination with re-writing history on this board?

    Don't kid yourself on the issue of treachery. The American patriots of the American Revolution were considered traitors by Britain.

    In the end, the war worked out as it should, with the Union being preserved.

    Now just a minute--the Masschusetts flag features a Native American, Massachuset. The US (not the Confederacy) basically stole all that land from the Native Americans. Shouldn't the State Flag of Massachusetts be taken down because of what it represents?

    Source(s): A Texan proud of ALL of his history
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    It is a Historic symbol. As a Northerner I can certainly understand the South's honor. I would not fly the flag but it has never been my flag. As long as they fly the American flag in a superior position, I will still honor the Confederate flag and the thousands who died under it.

    It was not a pro-slavery flag. That was only one of many issues that lead to the war. For many years the Confederate flag was displayed by many people who lived in or came from the South, regardless of race.

    It is only those who desire to divide us that began this whole issue in just the last decade or so.


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    Those who display the stars and bars probably don't look at it as a symbol of treason. Treason is not the same as insolvency from the union. Treason would be accurate without a formal declaration of secession, but since those states did secede the proper word is probably rebellion. No, there is nothing in the US Constitution which starkly forbids secession. The argument for perpetual union is actually derived from the Articles of Confederation (ironically) which is considered an implied contract.

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    The Confederate flag represents states rights. If you really want to eliminate states rights then you my fellow citizen are not a patriot!

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    Maybe you need to get your facts straight. It seems you have been reading some very biased liberal stuff somewhere. Try to read on both sides of the issue.

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    They can't

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    the confederates are proud of their anti-government protest, just like the liberals are proud of their protest of 1960's and their protest of the war on terror....many Americans consider these actions as terrorists and anti-American and anti-constitutional....

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    What about the 1000 of SOUTHERN AMERICANS killed by NORTHERN AMERICANS!!! i dont see you throwing a SH#IT FIT Over that??? it was a war people DIED GET OVER IT!

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