i remember seeing a film in probably the 60's or 70;s.the plot was,plane crash in jungle,?

i remember seeing a film in probably the 60's or 70;s.

the plot was,

plane crash in jungle, survivors included an old couple, a convicted prisoner and his police guard, the pilot and possibly a few others. basically as i recall, they fixed the airplane, cleared a makeshift runway, but had to leave some survivors behind as it couldn't take off due to the weight with all on board. i think the old couple stayed behind, i think they were left with a gun with one bullet only. it ended the plane took off and in the jungle was a single gun shot

it's driving me mad trying to remember the name

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    The only one from that era that I can think of is X-312 Flight To Hell (1971) but I'm not sure that it fits your description.


    Another older movie is Back from Eternity (1956)


    The story revolves around a plane crash in the remote jungles of South America. The pilot declares he is able to repair the plane and it will fly some of them back to safety. The problem is that there is only room for 5 people on board the repaired vessel, which means some will have to stay behind and take their chances with the inhospitable terrain and the hostile natives who are unhappy about this incursion into their domain . The survivors are a disparate group: There is the hard drinking pilot (Robert Ryan), a Vegas performer (Anita Ekberg), a criminal en route to execution (Rod Steiger) and the sadistic cop accompanying him (Fred Clark), a socialite and her milquetoast fiancé (Phyllis Kirk and Gene Barry), the co-pilot (Keith Andes), and a distinguished elderly academic and his wife of many years (Cameron Proudhomme and Beulah Bondi). The party is rounded out by a 4 year-old boy (Jon Provost).

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