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basamania asked in SportsFantasy Sports · 1 decade ago

Fantasy Basketball Blockbuster Trade?

I wanted to get your opinion on this trade I just made.

My team was as below

A. Jefferson

C. Kaman

R. Lewis

J. Smith

G. Wallace

R. Gay

M. Miller

V. Carter

J. Johnson

A. Daniels

D. Harris

M. Conley Jr

IR Arenas, Brand

My team was first by a mile in Pts (400 pts over the 2nd place guy) 1st in blks, 2nd in stls, 3rd in 3s. I needed Rebs, Asts, FT% and FG%.

I've been second to last in FG% all year and if Arenas comes back I can kiss FG% good bye so I was focusing on trading Pts for Rebs, Asts and FT%.

I traded R. Lewis, R. Gay and V. Carter for Garnett and Kidd then picked up Mobley off the wire (other options were Bargani, Murphy, Rush, Stevenson, Childress, Brewer, Korver)

I then realized that I was going to get killed in 3s and traded Garnett for Dirk to make up for some of the 3s I'm loosing.

So effectively I traded Lewis, gay and Vince for Dirk, Kidd and Mobley. If Arenas or Brand comes back I think I'm okay. Wanted to see what you thought, Re

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    My thoughts: You should have kept Rashard Lewis on your team. He gives you plenty of threes. I would have traded Joe Johnson instead because his FG% is really low.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Jason Kidd will help you in Assists but he is shooting 36.9% this season and is about 40% for his career. Dirk's nice FG% is now going to be evened out by Kidd.

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  • 4 years ago

    settle for it LeBron continuously averages 28+ factors a season Rajon Rondo is commencing to steer the Celtics Chris Bosh could strengthen Brandon Knight will score each and all of the factors in Detroit

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  • 1 decade ago

    You kind of confused me there but i'm not sure it's such a good idea from what I heard.

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