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housetraining 2 year old dog?

I actually just adopted a dog about 2 months ago and she uses the bathroom outside 50% of the time but the other 50% she uses the bathroom in the house.She also barks all day long if I put her in a crate and my neighbors hate it and I am afraid that they may call the landlord because I live in an apartment.I also have carpet so I really want her to stop using the bathroom in the house ASAP!!!Please anyone that has any kind of training or has house broken an adult dog before please give me any kind of input because I dont know what else to do!!??!!

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    You house train an older dog just like you do a puppy.

    Let her outside to do her business every half hour or so and give her a cue, like "go potty". When she does, praise her profusely ("Good girl!") and give her a treat.

    Watch for cues from her, like she starts sniffing the floor, so you know when she has to go.

    If she does go on the floor and you catch her, tell her "no!" firmly and take her outside immedietly.

    Like a puppy, it's all a matter of constant vigilance.

    We were in the same boat with our latest addition Spur.

    Within a week, Spur was on his way to be fully house trained

    The only area where we had a problem with Spur was getting him to go to the door to let us know that he needed to go out.

    As far as her barking when she is crated....if you trust her, you can try just letting her loose when you're gone or maybe just confining her in one room? (Leave a peanut butter stuffed kong with her.)

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    You have a few issues here that I can really sympathize with as I adopted a year old dog who barked all day when I was gone, wasn't house broken really, and hated the crate.

    So three items, Barking, Crating, and being Housebroken

    1. If you are desperate (and I was, living in an apt) and you need an instant barking solution, consider a bark collar. It's really hard to fix a problem that happens when you are not around. I lot of people will complain and say this is not humane. I've felt the shock off my dog's collar--it's not fun but it's not fatal either. It just make him stop the barking cycle. We used ours for all of two months, never leaving it on longer than the manufacturer's book indicated. Our dog is now reformed and barely ever barks. If someone knocks on the door he barks, that's about it. It was the difference between keeping our dog and having to take him back to the SPCA where he would probably be put down as he was long on odds of finding another family.

    2. Crate Trainig. There are lots of books, even DVDs at Petsmart and similar stores that can help you with crate training. You can also looks for dog books at the library. In short--just putting your dog in a crate is guranteed to create an unhappy dog. Your dog must be gradually associated to the idea of spending long lengths of times in a crate. Most books lay out a process of having the crate always open and just letting the dog investigate on his/her own. Then you move on to having a treat in the crate so the dog spends a few moments in it (door still open). Then you feed your dog a few times in crate (door open). Then you close door only while dog is eating in crate, then you start having door closed for a few minutes with dog in crate, etc, etc etc. You are also working on the 'crate up' command so your dog is absolutely WILD about getting into his/her crate. Start over with your crate.

    3. House Training. Well, you mentioned carpets, which was a problem for me as well with the apartment. Hopefully your kitchen isn't carpetted too! Get a baby gate or doggie gate or you can even angle your existing crate into the entrance to your kitchen. You can always clean up a tile floor easier than carpet. Get your dog on a schedule with walking. Walk at leat half a mile, twice a day. Feed your dog all his food at one time in the morning and you will get a feel for when he/she needs to eliminate. Don't turn around and come home as soon as doggie does his/her business as this will teach your dog that holding it can equal longer walks! For advanced stratagy, refer to your Crate Training books--they will assist you with your schedules.

    Good luck!

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  • how often and for how long do you walk her? if she's a large dog you should walk her for about a mile before and after you crate her. and a mile before you put her to bed. if you can, try a short walk about every 2 hrs for about a week. then increase it to every 3 hrs. and keep increasing it to about every 6 hrs. i also suggest leaving the tv on for her (animal planet) when you're not home. she may not feel so alone.

    right now she's suffering from seperation anxiety. your vet can also give you "doggy prozac". usually after a month the dog will settle in.

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