Why are males cheap with "low maintenance" females?

Do they think "low maintenance" = "cheap"?

Just because she's drama-free, dresses more conservatively, and doesn't act like she's helpless doesn't mean she only deserves McDonald's, free activities, and feed her for sexual favors. Do men really prefer the headache of a high maintenance woman?

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    You need to ask for what you really want...if he offers McDonald's and you take it then of course he's going to take you there. Just because you're low maintnance doesn't mean you settle for junk food or free activities. Learn to ask and learn how to ask. High maintenance women whine about what they want and demand it too.

  • 1 decade ago

    Obviously everyone should be treated with respect whether they are low maintenance or not.

    The fact of the matter is that some mistake kindness for weakness. These are the people to forget.

    Nice guys are the way to go.

    But on the other hand I do not believe it necessary that the man is always suppose to pay. I have done so most often with my dates but then again I'm a little more traditional than most.

    If you want to be more traditional then find someone also willing to be such then you can assess how then spend on you. I believe it could be telling. If they are "cheap" as you call it it might be time to move on.

    Continue to be nice and find someone who is also kind and I believe you will have found a bit of heaven.

    Best of wishes : )

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    No, mean do not prefer a high maintenance woman but at the same time, they do like to feel like they are needed by the one they love. If the guys you are dating treat you the way you say, McDonalds, free activities etc... then you are dating the wrong guys. Most guys would love to have someone who is drama free and will appreciate it and treat her well. On the same note, if you are only dating guys for expensive meals and activities, not that I am saying you are, but if you want to be treated like a high maintenence woman, you may have to become one.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    I have often thought that we are doing women a disservice by giving them lower physical fitness standards. Women may serve in headquarters and support companies within an Infantry brigade in the US Army. However they still have to be able to carry the same load as men during a ruck march, and finish in the same amount of time as the men. So why the lower standards for women? I am not tall. I can't use that as an excuse for ruck marching slower than another man with really long legs. We have physical and physiological differences, but the truth is nobody wants to hear that when we're told to march. They simply want me to get it done.

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    I don't. I guess we just tend to do the regular things with "low maintenance" girls. Like if he normally like McDonalds and other "cheap" stuff, and you are cool, he figures you are good to go with his normal routine. Tell him you like to feel special once in a while. If he appreciates you, he'll listen and get the point, and help you do just that! I'm not saying nag him or anything, but you may just need to jump start his brain. Once he gets that you do want nice things sometimes, he'll be ok.

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    Really, this is your question? 1st off there is no such thing as a " low maintenance female" that's like sayin there a inexpensive Bentley. There are female that are drama free, like the dollar menu, prefer sweats over skirts ,but LM not at all, nobody wants LM females, we all love those jazzy chic in heels and no panties who know how to act at fine restaurants. Oh yeah and as far the headache issues who cares, I rather be with a chic that has very high self esteem , because that's my definition of HM than some lame chic who doesn't know how to wear heels or eat with a salad fork.

  • Why are males with low maintenance females?

    I dont think all of them are..youre just generalizing big time.. you mean SOME of them? and "low maintenance" women dont necesarily like McDonalds and free stuff...sounds like a cheap guy to me

    Whats with all your labels?

    I'm not high or low maintenance, I'm just a regular women in a regular relationship...

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    What I know for sure is that a man will treat you the way you teach him to treat you,,there is nothing wrong with taking the cheap route some times but that will not define our relationship...I consider myself low maintenance but I really don't settle for less

  • Erin
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    1 decade ago

    I'm only assuming that you're talking about how you've been treated before. Have you asked for things that require a little more effort? If you've gotten McDonalds and free events and been satisfied with it in the past, if you've never spoken up about wanting something different from time to time, how is any guy going to know? They're not mind readers. If they see you liking something and not complaining about it time after time, they begin to think that the way they're treating you is how you want to be treated. Men need more direction than that if you're unhappy.

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    Sounds like you have yourself a jerk. Not all men would treat you so poorly. I'd like to think that most of us would treat you remarkably well in gratitude for the low maintenance.

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