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can't get to yahoo home page?

for some reason i can't get to the yahoo home page from my home computer. I' connected to the internet using Broadband and have a link sys router to share that connection. When I use that same broadband connectinon and establish a VPN into my office I can access Yahoo. Other sites like CNN, CNBC... seem torun slow? Any idea?

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    VPNs cause conflicts with home broadbands.

    Happens everywhere to everyone.

    When company VPN Technical Advisors are told of conflicts with home broadbands, their first priority is to ensure that an offsite employee (you) can access the VPN.

    Once he gets that done, his obligation ends - this means he does not have to help you set up your machine or home broadband etcetera.

    No use arguing "but the company owns the computer I use at home" because then the VPN TA's duty is still to ensure that the computer can access the VPN only!

    The big problrem for you (with the above situation) is that VPNs cause conflicts which are 'resolved' by causing secondary conflicts on your home broadband.

    Ha! Ha!



    buy the VPN TA lunch and sucker him into coming to your place one evening to settle matters.

    Trust me - even if he is nice enough, the conflicts will arise again!


    tell your boss that when you go home, you go home!

    Reinstall your home system and broadband (3/4 hour job which can be done by yourself if you've got all the software on cd. Follow the instructions). AND DON't LOGIN TO VPN again. EVER!


    convince the VPN TA to stop using VPNs and propose some other kind of security and system


    keep complaining to the boss until he finds a solution that doesn't ruin your home solution

    remember how computers were supposed to reduce our dependancy on paper?

    they were also supposed tp fetch our slippers, newspaper and coffee!

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