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Why does the Quran allow Muslims to marry pre-pubescent girls?

The aya (verse) below deals with how to divorce girls who are old enough to have a period, and those who havent had a period yet (pre-pubescent):

Quran 65:04 "And (as for) those of your women who have despaired of menstruation, if you have a doubt, their prescribed time shall be three months, and of those too who have not had their courses; and (as for) the pregnant women, their prescribed time is that they lay down their burden; and whoever is careful of (his duty to) Allah He will make easy for him his affair."

Ok, so for pregnant woman, you cant divorce them until they have had the baby (burden). As for little pre-pubescent girls, or girls past puberty, we have the three month rule.

So the Quran makes very clear that Muslims may indeed marry pre-pubescent infants. Theres no need for a divorce unless you were first married! Obviously, Muhammad's marriage to a child of 6 (consumated at 9) gave inspiration to this hideousness.


EDIT - Please click the website and read the ayas before as well, if you dont fully get my point.

Isnt this something? I mean, keep in mind, theres no attempt to evebn give a minumum age here. You can marry pre-pubscent babies...I far as the Quran is concerned, there is no prohibition, but instead the "green light"...even a rules on how to properly divorce the poor little infant if you so choce.

Update 2:

THINK - I think your disgusting. Even wolves will sometimes "invest" in the off-spring of another. Rationalizing it as an "evolutionary fact" is disgusting. You merely throw in the "i think its disgusting but" your pathetic answer.

When you excuse the inexcusable...when you try to throw out pc lifeline for this deserve every bit the backlash I give you here...and sooooo much more.

Update 3:


Pedophilia apologetics is the height of hideousness. No words can describe that kind of ugly.

MUMMAHAD WAS 57!!!!!!!


The fact that it was not uncommon for YOUNG PEOPLE TO MARRY OTHER YOUNG PEOPLE has no bearing on this discussion.

Furthermore, in Islam, Muhammad's conduct stands as the eternal example! So it doesnt matter how lifespans continue to get longer, because in Islam, it will always be excellent and perfect conduct for an elderly man to marry and infant!!!

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    Not only was marrying pre-pubescent girls allowed in antiquity, it is still being practiced. Last week, I watched a documentary about an 11 year old girl- and read a news item about a 7 year old- who were forced into childhood marriages - and there was the "assumption" that they wouldn't be forced to have sex- but who is watching and making sure that they aren't touched- the husband who marries them? And how do all these 12-16 years olds in muslim countries have babies (as well as fistulas and prolapsed uteri) if their "husbands" aren't having sex with them? They are watched like hawks every second of the day and confined to their homes and women's rooms or quarters; the only men with access to them are their husbands.

    EDIT: I have heard that many muslim men marry little girls because they believe that she's "pure"- pure until he ruins her body and her life; that the girl has "tighter" sexual organs than an adult woman, and this gives the man greater pleasure- forget that it is an agony and tears the body parts or can even dislocate the hips of the girl-child.

    Many families are in a hurry to get rid of the "burden" of an unmarried daughter. These marriages are supposed to be a great thing because they protect the girl and the family's Honor by getting her wed before she even thinks about boys- No one says anything about forced marriage, which is slavery; forced sex, which is rape and child abuse; forced childbearing which maims those too young and small to bear properly- people who own dogs and cats have more sense than to do this to their pets... they don't allow a dog to breed until the second year, because the dog can die or be maimed by too early breeding. Yet girls are expected to have children the moment they have their period?

    People need to stop living the way the ignorant people did in antiquity! Or give up cars, modern medicine, and refrigerators if antiquity is so great!

    EDIT: There is a line in Shakespeare which shows that people knew to early marriage ruined girls- In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet's father is approached about her marriage at 14 and won't allow it because she'll be a mother too young- he says "All too early marred are those too early made..." Are people trying to say that the English knew this then, but the Muslims don't know it even now- especially considering how advanced in medicine and science Islam was then?

    Source(s): My idiot father tried to force me to convert to being a Muslim by treats and violence- because it was a religion that glorified Him and His Almighty Penis... that's why he's slowly dying, alone and ignored, in a nursing home. He is violent man who thought he owned me as if I were a slave... Thank Goodness I live in the USA! I read the Quran...
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    Pubescent Girls

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    Sorry but that "Period" mentioned in the Ayeh is the period 3 months of no sex before a marriage is about to break up, to see if the women has a child or not before they divorce.

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    It's allowed because the quran is not from God. I'm sorry, but this really makes me mad and I get infuriated at the ridiculous excuses that are used to somehow justify this. If a female has not had a period yet, then she is a child. When a female first starts menstruating, she is STILL a child. It does not mean she has finished's just the beginning! Oh, wait until you get the "Aisha was very mature" or "people didn't live long at that time" line. Mo was over 50 when he molested a child so he should have known his time was almost up and left the girl alone. There's no excuse for child abuse and it's still occurring within the Muslim community.

    God Bless.

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      in Gen 23:1 . Sarah was one hundred and twenty-seven years old. Behold, the Age of Isaac was Thirty Seven Years, at the Time of the Birth of Rebecca. And when he had waited for her three Years, till she was fit for marriage, he took her to wife.” more examples in the bible, You Xians are hypocrites

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    # those of your women who have despaired of menstruation

    I don't know if you know the difference between a woman and a girl or an infant ... i want you to tell me does this verse say a girl or any implication of such a young girl..

    This verse talks about WOMEN who are in the menopause .

    PLEASE ..DO NOT interpret the Quran with your own mind if you are not sure of the correct meaning.

    The answer of eccentri is great.

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      dont taqiyya us! It clearly says menstruating not menopause!!

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Excellent stuff Darth. Ive studied Islam in depth, and missed this one. I love it when people do their homework. Thanks for adding to my knowledge base.

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