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I would like to know my PF with drawel status.My PF no. is DL/5532/3464.?

My PF no. is DL/5532/3464

My Previous Empbloyer was M/S Oriental Structural Engineers Pvt. Ltd,New Delhi.

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    Contact your previous employer and ask them yourself.

    Good luck!!

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  • 1 decade ago

    First of all there are a lot of reasons why this question won't be able to be answered for you in this section.

    1. This is the fantasy sports section and since "PF" is in your question it probably thought you meant Power Forward.

    2. It looks like that company is in India (New Delhi)

    3. People don't play fantasy sports much in India

    4. This is a US section of the site, so nobody has heard of your company.

    Contact your old boss or somone involved in that company. They will give you the best answer.

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