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請問這要如何解讀?何謂broccoli nutrition?

最近買了一罐青花椰硫配糖體(Extra-Strength Broccoli Glucosinolates)但說明有點看不懂...請問翻譯高手可以幫忙一下嗎

Concentrated broccoli nutrition

Delivers high-powered cellular protection

Standardized to 4% total glucosinolates

Give your body the protective benefits of the natural phytonutrients in broccoli with our ExtraStrength Broccoli Extract. Broccoli contains natural antioxidant phytonutrients known as glucosinolates, which provide powerful free- radical protection for the cardiovascular system and for cells and tissues throughout the body. Our Extra-Strength Broccoli Extract gives you a highly concentrated source of antioxidant glucosinolates, far more than could ever be obtained by just eating broccoli. It features a state-of-the-art mature broccoli extract called BroccoSinolate which is standardized to deliver a minimum of 4% total glucosinates for guaranteed antioxidant potency in every capsule. No other broccoli supplement on the market can match the glucosinolate content of this high-powered extract.

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    Delivers high-powered cellular protection 提供高量的細胞保護作用

    Standardized to 4% total glucosinolates 標準化含高達4%的硫配糖體

    透過我們的超強花椰菜萃取(ExtraStrength Broccoli Extract),讓你身體能獲得花椰菜中天然植物性營養素的保護效益。花椰菜含有天然的抗氧化植物性營養素,如硫配糖體,對心血管系統,全身細胞和組織具有強力的自由基保護作用。我們的超強花椰菜萃取(ExtraStrength Broccoli Extract)給是高濃度抗氧化硫配糖體的來源,遠超過你吃花椰菜所能獲得的量。它是來自天然的花椰菜萃取,稱為BroccoSinolate,標準化的產品,能提供至少總量4%的硫配糖體,確保了每顆膠囊的抗氧化效能。坊間其他花椰菜補充品是無法達到如此高濃度的硫配糖體萃取。

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