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zataria multiflora boiss



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    這植物是唇形科, 貌似百里香, 因為是中東地區的草藥, 沒有中文譒譯.

    如果真的要譯一個中文名, 可從其他中國人認識的唇形科藥草取名註譯: 薄荷、迷迭香、羅勒、鼠尾草、香草、馬郁蘭、薰衣草、紫蘇、百里香、丹參、益母草、一串紅等。

    Zataria multiflora is a thyme-like plant that grows wild in central and southern Iran. It is a member of the Latiatae family to which mint, rosemary and several other medically useful plants also belong. In Iran, Zataria multiflora is used in traditional folk remedies for its antiseptic, analgesic (pain-relieving) and carminative (anti-flatulence and intestine-soothing) properties.


    Source(s): 維基百科 -- 用得其所不是錯
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