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i just found a tick on my dog, PLEASE HELP!!!!!?

i just found a tick on my dog...the tick looked greyish, and the legs were black. i heard that a tick can swell up, and thats what it looked like it did, it was a bout the size of a pea maybe. so i tryed to get as deep as i could with a tweezers, and i pulled, and i think its head was black, i think the head was still in the skin, i tryed pulling and digging, and i think i got the head, BUT IM NOT SURE. i dont know if the head was trying to burrow in deeper as i was trying to get it, but i was wondering, if the head is still in the skin, can i apply frontline RIGHT NOW, and will the frontline kill it before it gets to the blood stream????? i need answers quick!! please! thank you.


i applyed the frontline plus. i also called the vet and asked if i could apply it as well...and he said yes, and that i pretty much have nothing to worry about...BUT i thought if the head stay in, that it can transmit diseases if it infected.

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    If you already pulled the tick off, clean the area with hydrogen peroxide. The head will not burrow further into the skin.

    A brief lesson on ticks:

    Ticks are found in shaded, woody areas with lots of undergrowth. Ticks come out of winter dormancy when the outside temperature gets to 45F. They hitch a ride on any passing animal. The tick starts chewing into the flesh, (they like warm areas - behind the ears, between the toes, behind the elbows). The tick buries its head in the skin and excretes a thick saliva which after a few hours will turn into 'cement' making sure the tick doesn't easily come out before finishing feeding. When removing a tick, you want to grasp the tick with tweezers right at the skin. DO NOT squeeze hard enough to squash the tick, but you do have to hold it firmly. Then give a good yank. If a chunk of skin comes off with the tick, this is good. That means you got the head too. Then clean with the peroxide.

    The reason you don't want to squash the tick is because the Lyme spirochetes and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever are transmitted by the blood. The transmission occurs when the tick is finished feeding. The tick regurgitates some of its stomach contents which helps soften the 'cement' so it can get it's head out. The organisms that transmit the diseases are in that regurgitated material. As long as you don't squash the tick when pulling it out, there should be no disease transmission. If you are unsure that you got the head out, take your dog to the vet tomorrow. They can check to make sure everything is ok.

    Source(s): Former Vet Tech
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    It's just a tick. Slow down and take a breath. Your baby will be fine. I use to work at a vet clinic and I've seen worse cases than this. As long as you got it off of your baby, they'll be fine.

    Just keep applying frontline every month to help prevent this from happening again. Dogs will get ticks, it happens.

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    i just found a tick on my dog, PLEASE HELP!!!!!?

    i just found a tick on my dog...the tick looked greyish, and the legs were black. i heard that a tick can swell up, and thats what it looked like it did, it was a bout the size of a pea maybe. so i tryed to get as deep as i could with a tweezers, and i pulled, and i think its head was black, i...

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    It should be okay. When I took a tick off my dog, I couldn't really SEE the tick's head, cause they don't really have one, I guess. I could see the little pinchers that were in his skin as I pulled the tick out...if you got those, you got the head.

    Ticks are not life-threatening. Give him a bath, put on some frontline, and all will be well.

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    You can buy tick removers from any good vets or pet shop. To remove the tick you have to turn it anti-clockwise, this ensures the head is removed as this is the part that is buried in the skin. If the head is not removed, it can cause infection.

    I suggest you take the animal to your vets to ensure the head has been removed.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    Take him to the vets for a check up. You can also treat him with a spray that you put all over his coat and leave it on for 6months (I use Frontline for my doberman - Ive found it really good, he has no fleas or ticks living on him)

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    get dishwashing soap, like DAWN or JOY and put it on some toilet paper and wet it, and dab it on the spot, hold it there for like 10 seconds and let go. the tick should "back up" and rise to the surface so you can pull it off.

    go ahead and apply the frontline to the back of the neck between the shoulder blades it will make sure the tick is dead within 24-48hrs.

    you -might- want to check with a vet to make sure there is no chance of lyme disease, if thats common in your area.

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    The tick was swollen because it was full of blood. Apply the tick and flea treatment and relax.

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