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Movie of city flooded to make a lake/river? true?

Made a few years back. Happened in US

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Northfork (2003)

    starring James Woods, Nick Nolte, Claire Forlani, Mark Polish, Daryl Hannah, Graham Beckel, Joshuin Barker, Peter Coyote, Jon Gries, Ben Foster, Anthony Edwards


    Set in 1955, "Northfork" centers on the residents of a small Montana town that is about to be flooded by the completion of a hydroelectric dam. The residents only have two more days until water covers their homes, and most everyone has already left town, except for a few stubborn folks, including a priest (Nick Nolte) caring for a dying orphan who thinks he's the missing member of a group of lost angels, a man who has built an ark, and a young married couple. A crew of trench-coated government workers is sent in to root them out, but that proves to be a difficult task.

    There was a TV movie based on a real-life incident. But, it wasn't done on purpose, so "Northfork" could be your movie.

    Just for fun, films with flooded towns/cities include:

    "The Astronaut Farmer" (2007)

    In Dreams~horror film with Annette Bening

    Ghost Lake (2004)~The movie is based around a small house next to a lake that has a town actually beneath it. This is true, as Rushford Lake is an actual lake in western New York, which really has a couple towns within it. The movie brushes over the history of the lake and add a supernatural twist to it by using the restless souls of those who died by the flood and create some kind of spiritual zombie flick.

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