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AP Government and AP Calculus?

for those who have taken these courses, how were the classes for you? i know it depends on the teacher, but these are most likely for my senior year along with honors physics, and i don't want to take an extremely heavy course load for that year.

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    I took AP Calculus AB junior year and AP Calculus BC senior year - and it definitely does depend on the teacher. But as far as math courses go, calculus isn't THAT much harder then pre-calculus, its just the next step up. So every year you move up in math it'll get harder, but its just building on what you already know, and if you're taking physics I'm assuming your math skills are pretty good (plus a lot of physics depends on calculus so it'll probably benefit your physics grade by taking calculus concurrently).

    Also there is a book out there called "How to Ace Calculus". Awesome book, it'll help alot even if your teacher isn't the best.

    As far as AP Government goes, I never took it. But I took honors at my school and because my teacher was awesome I took the AP test and passed... so I'm thinking that can't be too extreme. I don't know for sure though.

    Hope that helps!

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  • I took AP Calculus BC my junior year in high school, and like the first poster said, it's just the next step up. It's not really like you have a choice between taking AP Calc and regular calc... calc is calc, and yes it's hard, but so was algebra when you were learning it. i think ap gov is a pretty fun and easy class (but it does depend on your teacher), but definitely don't take it if you're not good at memorization, because that's basically all it is. also, if you're not into it, you're going to HATE the class, so don't just take it for the extra grade point. as for the course load, it depends on the person, but you should be fine. i took ap calc, ap english, ap physics, and ap us history all in my junior year, and ap stats, ap english, ap gov, and ap spanish my senior year, and i maintained a high grade point average. if you don't think you'll be willing to study, don't do it, especially since it's your senior year. good luck in whatever you decide!

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    AP Calculus does depend A LOT on the teacher. Ask other students at your school about their experiences with the class, and look at the average pass rate. I took it my sophomore year and loved it, but I'll admit that the material itself can be difficult. But it's a good challenge and a good precursor to college-level mathematics. It will also make things much easier for you in physics, and it looks good to have taken Calc during high school (for college admissions).

    I'm currently taking AP Gov. At my school, it's a joke. The material is easy to learn. It's really straight-forward and to the point. I'd recommend it. But, like I said, ask other students about how easy the class is at your school.

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    The previous posters are pretty much right. AP calc is not any harder than other math classes. If you found pre-calc/trig easy, you will probably find AP calc to be easy, too. On the other hand, if you struggle in math in general, you'll struggle in calc, too. Personally, I found it to be not very difficult, but VERY tedious with loads and loads of homework.

    I thought that AP gov was really interesting, easy, and fun. I loved the class and the teacher that I had.

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    What i think of is that whether it truly is achieveable to take the two training, you should take them the two. in any different case, it truly is principally as much as you whether to take calculus or archives. on condition that archives strengthen into an non-compulsory in my college, I took it sophomore 3 hundred and sixty 5 days . What I observed strengthen into that for archives, you in many circumstances want common information as much as Alegbra II, yet contains quite some writing and examining of information. For calculus, it truly is a common AP math direction that maximum pupils take, mutually because it enables the scholars out alot whilst taking different progressed calculus or college math. To summarize this all up, calculus and archives are easily the two easily distinctive math training. Stat would assist you to to alot once you're think of approximately majoring in corporation or accounting, and faculty oftentimes look and notice in case you took calc rather than stat. So for my advice, take the two in case you could, yet once you had to pick one. i might say bypass with calculus.

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