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Is there a way to stop someone from emailing you without closing out the email option entirely?

There is someone who is constantly sending me harassing email messages and I would like to block this troll without closing out my email option. Is there a way to select who sends you messages via the Answers email option? Sincere, mature, constructive and polite responses only please.


I have blocked the user. Yet the emails kept coming in- apparently from the same profile.

Update 2:

The user is emailing via Answers email option. I don't know how he is getting around my blocking him but he is doing so.

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    Blocking them alone will solve your problem without closing your Y!A email option.

    Once you blocked somebody here on Y!A, your profile info like 360, IM and email will automatically disable when they try to view your Y!A profile. Some people can still see that your email option are open but the blocked user cannot.

    Open those harassing emails and you can see the senders name highlighted and underlined. Clicked it to view their profile then blocked user.

    Or you can simply report them for harassment using this link and include their emails content and URLs:

    But if the trolls are smart enough, they can still create new account using new names just to harass you.


    If you blocked them already and you still received emails with the same person, then s/he is creating new account using the same screen name. Try to checked their profile if those account are newly created or old account.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Blocking them can stop them from sending you e-mail from that particular account. But people who send these type of e-mails are usually trolls. Their accounts don't last very long so they create new ones (some have multiple accounts at the same time). Then you have to keep blocking the new accounts. Never respond to them, just delete the e-mails and forget it. They do this for attention and to get a rise out of people. So if you ignore them they will eventually get bored and go bother somebody else.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Go to this user's profile and click Block User. It won't allow them to access your questions OR send you an e-mail.

    Edit: When there is no other remedy, try this. It's a Yahoo! Mail Abuse Report Form-

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Or you can set up a spam filter in Yahoo to block emails coming from his address specifically.

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