how is the sylvan online tutoring...?

well im thinking abou tdoing the sylvan online tutoring because im always busy and stuff but i always have problems in math... so i was just wondering if people think its worth it and how much it costs... oo and did it help anybody that did it.. cuz obviously i need help in MATH... AHH


o and can i do both for an example i didnt understand something and i need help like face to face. so can i go to the center but still be able to do an online session??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I actually work at Sylvan and private tutoring. I found that tutoring face to face with Sylvan is better. Online is great but sometimes you can't get what you are looking for because they can't show you but tell you for Math that is. I find that most of my students enjoy working with me because I help them out. Show them what they did wrong and then show them how to solve it. The only thing that I have problems with is the 3:1 ratio. I sometimes will get caught up with one student while the other one is waiting. I do prefer the one on one tutoring because I don't have to worry about leaving a student out.

  • 1 decade ago

    sylvan is a really good place it could help you in math

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