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Roman Catholics, what do you think. . . .?

on Gadium et Spes.

I am tired of all the nonsensical questions to Catholics that for the most part either cover the same thing over and over and over again. Or are desinged to insult. So I figured it was time for a Catholic to ask questions of Catholic that will be open and give us the opportunity to have some depth to our answers and enjoy our faith.


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Update 2:

atticus I have read it I am certified in Catholic Social Teaching. If you liked reading Rerum Novarum may I suggest a book called. Catholic Social Thought: A Documentary Heritage. I used it for one of my CST classes. It is a collection of the primary encyclicals and key bishops letters regarding social justice with commentary on the world at the time of the writing and the situations being addressed.

Update 3:

frog- 1. Pastoral letters were around before the Bible. In fact alot of the Bible is Pastoral letters (think about it for a second)

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    It was before my time, but, as a convert, I'm not sure I would have become Catholic in the first place if the Church were not where she is today.

    Gaudium et Spes, at least the way I understand it, was the first time the Church really opened up to the outside world and tried to understand it, while at the same time trying to get the world to understand the Church. It's still a work in progress, but there have been giant leaps and I for one am thankful.

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    *Is Catholic*

    Before I begin, I find that people have 3 problems with the documents of Vatican II.

    1. Reading it outside of the historical tradition. The interpretation of Vatican II must be done in accord with what the Church has said before.

    2. Reading a bad translation. There are several incorrect English translations out there.

    3. Reading provincially. Do not assume that everything in Vatican II talks about what is going on in the US. It is not a document that is directed to the Church in the US.

    Gaudium et Spes -- I find that it can tend to be a bit overly general in what it talks about and it is not terribly succinct. Also some section, such as that on nuclear proliferation (81-ff) are both a bit idealistic and as history moved on history has shown the MAD solution to have been partially successful (and greater success than the proposed solution in the document).

    The beginning section on human dignity is rather good.

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    Thank you for this question. It's refreshing to see something thoughtful posted about our faith.

    I particularly liked Pope John Paul II's reflections on Gaudium et Spes in 1995; the text is here:

    "The hopes for a more humane world expressed in Gaudium et Spes cannot be fulfilled without Christ, without welcoming his grace, which works invisibly in the hearts of every man of good will."

    And by the way, Frog E: Does your pastor simply read the Bible from the pulpit, without giving pastoral instruction and guidance?

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    I agree with it. I especially like the quote "The word atheism is applied to phenomena which are quite distinct from one another. For while God is expressly denied by some, others believe that man can assert absolutely nothing about Him. Still others use such a method to scrutinize the question of God as to make it seem devoid of meaning."

    You should Rerum Novarum, too. I just had to write a report on "social justice" for a class and had to use it. It's very informative. Thanks for letting me enjoy my faith!

    God Bless!


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  • Steve
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    Cathy, why limit your questions to Catholic? What’s wrong if Father K or other non catholic provide their insight? Iron sharpens Iron. Or, You may consider forming a Yahoo Group for Roman Catholics only with membership conferred with background check. You will be hard pressed to limit your questions to your sect in "Yahoo Answers".

    Protestants don’t limit their questions to Protestants only. In fact Protestants refer themselves as Christian i.e. their identity is with Christ. On contrary, Roman Catholics identify themselves with their church and refer themselves as Catholic. Aren’t we all members of “Holy Catholic (Universal) Church” as confessed in the church creeds ?

  • FROG E
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    I never understood pastoral letters.......Why not go right to the bible?

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