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Ontario, Canada service dogs?

I'm a disabled guy in Ontario, Canada. My girl is a 2.5 year old well trained and socialized Lab. She is pretty much my 24/7 companion and I do need her. Do you know of an individual or company that specializes in training and certification of "service dogs", so she can accompany me on buses and planes?

Any info appreciated and welcome. Thank you in advance!!!


Hellosun : thank you !!! great idea :)

mind you, not too many people know about these issues :)

Update 2:

Theresad.. : thank you :) I've done my share of online research. This is a very gray area. Most trainers are interested only in selling their "own" dogs.

Pity :(

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    Try this company.

    It mostly trains "sniffer" dogs but they should be able to give you some good advice. They're in Ontario.

    As the owner of 2 service dogs (one of which was my own pet which I subsequently had trained) you should be aware of a few hard facts:

    1. My dogs cost about $15,000 each to be trained (although you might get a benevolent group to help with the cost ).

    2. Dogs are like people - they're all individuals. Some of them can be easily trained for just about anything; others not - depending on such factors as breed, temperament, intelligence, desire to please, etc.

    3. It would likely take several months to a year to train your dog. During that time you'd have to trust a stranger with your best friend. Believe me, that's not easy after the first couple of weeks.

    4.Absolutely research the company thoroughly and get good references - your life and your dog's life may depend on it.

    5. A competent trainer should be able to determine whether your dog is a good candidate within 5 days.

    6. Things in your favour are the dog's age (1-2 years is ideal), the breed and the fact your already have a good working relationship with it.

    Good luck. I really wish the best for you and you partner.

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    I know the Lions Clubs runs fundraisers for an organization that trains service dogs. Contact them for info. Good luck!

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    Hi! I'm from Ontario as well :D

    I think that you should give your vet a call, they would surely know (or be willing to find out) how you can get your dog certified. OR, look in your yellow pages for local trainers, and call around to get info from them. Your local SPCA branch might also be able to help.

    Good luck!

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    Contact the akc they have a list of these trainers in your area. You could also google it and see what you get, try trainers of service dogs with your state.

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    The best place is near ottawa in Kingston. They will help you for a low price that you can help them fundraiser with.

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