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Do protease inhibitors really increase THC levels and Extacy potency?

I would really hate to see P.I.'s become a street drug.


Marijuana: Protease inhibitors may increase THC levels (the active ingredient in marijuana) -- so smaller doses may make you more stoned. This is also true of the synthetic version (Marinol) used in the treatment of weight loss. Since THC overdose is impossible, this interaction is not dangerous.

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    Hmmm...that's a weird question. Proteases are enzymes that work on breaking down protiens. But I think you have it mixed up. I believe there were studies done on whether THC lowers/raises the levels of protease inhibitors in the blood in people with HIV. They wanted to see if THC was actually beneifical to AIDS patients because higher protease activity meant that it could most beneficial in fighting the virus. In sum, PI's dont increase THC levels. It may be the other way around--THC may increase PI's.

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