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Who created the HOT DOG, and what was the name off the ?

HOT DOG before, also it was named after a person. what was the name off hot dog and the year it was changed to hot dogs/ those are facts.

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    Origin of the term "hot dog".

    It seems that the link of dog with sausage actually goes back to the middle of the nineteenth century in the US, expressing dark suspicions about their contents. Mr Popik has even found a popular song of 1860, of which you may know another version:

    Oh where oh where has my little dog gone?

    Oh where oh where can he be?

    Now sausage is good, baloney, of course.

    Oh where oh where can he be?

    They make them of dog, they make them of horse,

    I think they made them of he.

    What seems to have happened is that near the end of the nineteenth century, around 1894-95, students at Yale University began to refer to the wagons selling hot sausages in buns as dog wagons. One at Yale was even given the nickname of “The Kennel Club”. It was only a short step from this campus use of dog to hot dog, and this fateful move was made in a story in the issue of the Yale Record for 19 October 1895, which ended, “They contentedly munched hot dogs during the whole service”.


    The Hot Dog

    In America, the frankfurter would also become known as the hot dog, today its worldwide name.

    Two immigrants from Frankfurt, Germany are credited with independently introducing the sausage to America in the 1880's: Antoine Feuchtwanger, who settled in St. Louis, Missouri; and Charles Feltman a baker who sold pies from a pushcart along Coney Island's rustic dirt trails. It was Feltman who would become an integral part of the hot dog's history.

    In the early 1890's , when Coney Island inns began to serve a variety of hot dishes, Feltman's pie business suffered from the competition. Friends advised him to sell hot sandwiches but his small pie wagon could not accommodate a variety of foods and cooking equipment. Instead, the pieman decided to specialize in one hot sandwich, his hometown's sausage, the frankfurter.

    Feltman boiled the sausages in a kettle and advertised them as "frankfurter sandwiches" which he served with the traditional German toppings of mustard and sauerkraut.

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    The hot dog, according to Food Unwrapped, was created at the 1904 World's Fair in St. Louis. I think it was called a Dachshund in a roll.

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