Selling stuff via Craigslist -- safe to let prospective buyers come to my house?

I'm selling baby stuff via Craigslist. I live in a small (pop. 40,000) midwestern college town. Is it safe to let people come to my house to see stuff?

Should I only have them come when my husband is home?

Should I only bring the stuff and meet them in a public place?


Yes, I have a gut feeling about the right answer. But I did have people come to my house for the same reason last spring. Now that I am doing another round of postings, I am re-thinking my original decision.

Update 2:

And, in my experience, you can make more money on Craigslist -- when your items are in really great shape, which mine are -- than you can at a garage sale, when everyone's out to talk you down, and you worry that no one else will be interested.

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    I went to a lady's house to "adopt" a cat, and I didn't murder her, lol. I think the trick is to have the items out on the back porch when the buyer gets there, and to have your husband/boyfriend out with you. :)

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  • 4 years ago

    You shouldn't sell a pup to anybody dumb enough to want to pick a puppy before 6-8 weeks of age. Somebody who'd pick a 2 week old puppy is picking a look or random draw. A intelligent dog owner would wait until the pups were at least 6 weeks old and showing their temperaments and dominance levels. For instance, I sell working line GSD's, if you wanted a pet dog, you'd probably go for the more submissive pup. But, if you wanted a Police Service Dog prospect, you'd probably go for the super solid nerved pup who doesn't bully it's siblings because it's so tough it doesn't feel the need to show it. I'd never let people come around my 2 or 3 week old pups, that's idiotic. Of the 30+ people who'd stop by just to window shop, how many have dogs at home? How many are dumb enough to go to disease ridden dog parks, take their dog home, and them come trample through your kennels/whelping room with parvo infested feces stuck to the bottom of their shoes? Have a phone? A computer? Sure I'll send you a picture via my sidekick, other than that? Get lost. I also agree with the answerer directly above me: Most people don't know enough about dogs to choose their own pup. I ask what they want the dog for, and give them the pup I decide they should have. I'm not giving a top Police Service Dog prospect to a middle aged couple who like long walks on the beach and giving somebody in need of a true protection dog/police service dog the next best runner up. Also if you're worried about how mom will act towards strangers you shouldn't breed the dog because A: It's too young obviously because you don't have it fully obedience trained! Or B: You have an out of control aggressive dog do to the dog having bad nerves (making it not quality to breed) OR you're a terrible trainer and have an adult dog who you can't keep under control which would lead me to believe you don't have business breeding anyway. I don't care if mom has 12 puppies and a t-bone steak, if I tell her it's okay for a stranger in a Michael Myers mask to juggle with her puppies she better lay down and be quiet...All dogs should be trained to those exact demanding requirements. If they were there wouldn't be accidental dog bites and lost dogs/dogs hit by cars because they neglected to come when recalled.

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  • Geri42
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    1 decade ago

    I sure wouldn't let strangers come into my home. It's not safe anymore. Take the stuff and meet them in a public place if at all possible. If that's not possible only let them come to your house when you know for certain your husband will be home.

    But you already knew the answer to this, didn't you? Otherwise you wouldn't have asked.

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  • 1 decade ago

    You have to be so careful anymore when advertising on the internet. There are some real sicko's out there and they know you have a baby. Sad world we live in but its reality. I would have them come only if your husband is home. You would have had better success selling at a yard sale. This could be very iffy....Good luck to you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Check out the chapter on Selling and Scams in the tutorial at He goes over the best way to keep yourself safe in the selling process on Craigslist.

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