Selling stuff via Craigslist -- safe to let prospective buyers come to my house?

I'm selling baby stuff via Craigslist. I live in a small (pop. 40,000) midwestern college town. Is it safe to let people come to my house to see stuff?
Should I only have them come when my husband is home?
Should I only bring the stuff and meet them in a public place?
Update: Yes, I have a gut feeling about the right answer. But I did have people come to my house for the same reason last spring. Now that I am doing another round of postings, I am re-thinking my original decision.
Update 2: And, in my experience, you can make more money on Craigslist -- when your items are in really great shape, which mine are -- than you can at a garage sale, when everyone's out to talk you down, and you worry that no one else will be interested.
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