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lighting for a tortoise?

do you need just a basking light for a russian tort or a full spectrum fluorescent light, or both

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    Lighting: Some of the better lighting is the new Active UVheat, T-Rex Active UVHeat, and Capture The Sun bulbs (click here for a comparison). These are used extensively in zoo's. The 100 watt flood is the most commonly used. While they do put out heat you may need to add a ceramic heat emitter to get the right temperature. Also make sure to get a good clamp on light fixture with a ceramic socket that is rated for the wattage bulb you buy.. Home Depot has them for about 10 bucks. Whenever I use a clip on fixture, I always use a "C" clamp to anchor it.

    The UVHeat bulbs can be bought at Carolina Pet Supply .

    An alternative is the ESU Super UV Coil Lamp. But since it doesn't give off heat you will also need a basking light such as the ESU Reptile Basking Spot BrightLight Incandescent Bulbs or the Hagen Reptile Exo-Terra Day Glo Infrared Basking Spot Lamp You can also get florescent tubes such as the ESU Reptile Desert 7% UVB Daylight fluorescent lamp. But again you'll need an additional basking light. Keep in mind that these bulbs need to be about 6" away from the torts and should be replaced every 6 months.

    Another one I am trying is the Reptisun 10 coil bulb. It started with 58 µ watts/cm². At 6 months it still has an output of 44 µ watts/cm². As with other bulbs of this type you will need another source of heat to get the basking temps right.

    There are many other bulbs out there. There is a basking light that provides UVA. But this doesn't have the UVB. There are colored bulbs...again no UVB. If it doesn't specifically say "UVB" it doesn't have it.

    Keep the lights on 12-14 hours a day.

    Temperature: Temperature is critical for a healthy tortoise. The pen should have a cool end with the temps in the low 70's and a basking spot at 90-95°F. Night time temperature drops are needed. Mine do well with temps that drop down into the 60's at night. If they are kept too cool they can't digest their food. Too warm and they stop eating and aestivate (sort of like suspended animation).

    Invest in a good thermometer with a probe. You can get one at Radio Shack for 20 bucks. Don't take chances by could end up with a cooked tortoise! Don't use heat rocks or under the tank heaters.

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    yes you need both. For the heat, you can just use a regular household bulb in a clamp lamp. For the UVA/UVB you want one that emits at least 5% (10% is best though, I use the 10% Desert blend) UVB (make sure the box says UVB!!).

    Source(s): I own 3 RES, 3 Penn Cooters, 2 Russian tortoises and am a moderator on an awesome turtle and pet forum, come check us out!
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    sure mercury vapor bulbs grant warmth and UVb so which you should be effective with merely that one bulb. undergo in innovations UVb lighting fixtures want replaced each and every 6 months. maximum MV bulbs final for a 300 and sixty 5 days yet without UV meter you could no longer tell whilst it stops on condition that we cant see UVb. whether you like supplemental warmth at night relies upon on the temps of your place. in case you do want it i propose a ceramic warmth emitter

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    You need both. Both are vital to their health, but the heat lamp is more important.

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    you will need a UVB/UVA light and a heat lamp!

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    you need the heat and uva and uvb bulb

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