With French in it but not necessarily French?

French Fries,French poodle,French bread, french silk pie, french toast,french fried onions,french manicure,french braid,french tickler,frenchs mustard, frenchstyle green beans,french onion soup,french bulldog,french quarter,french french cruellers,french dip, french twist.......what have you got?


french cuffs.....

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  • 1 decade ago
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    French pastry, french kiss and French lingerie, of course : )

    Hey katt ! sorry but you're wrong. We don't say "american kiss"... don't know where you hear that...

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  • kokko
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    3 years ago

    Adelais - fantastically yet I desire Adeline, or Adele/a. i think of it sounds somewhat too very resembling Adelaide in this type which i in my opinion dislike. 7/10 Isaline - particularly cute and that i think of it may desire to age nicely. could you utilize Izzy/Issy as a nickname? 8/10 Auriane - No prepared on the O spelling in any respect as apparently like the word Oriental (that's perchance to be of the comparable roots given the meaning?). i think of Auriane is somewhat amazing although. 8/10 Coralie - it particularly is one among my in charge exhilaration names. I actual have an aversion to the call Coral because it particularly is often the call of somewhat terrible, trampy women in my experience that's why i'm a yet positioned off Coralie. although, i think of it is eye-catching each and every of the comparable. 9/10

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  • 1 decade ago

    French kiss.

    By the way, did you know that in France a french kiss is called an American kiss. Really, I just learned that the other day.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


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